Washington Theological Union Symposium Papers

Beginning in the 1990s, the Franciscan Center at the Washington Theological Union, a school for theology and ministry sponsored by several religious communities, held an annual symposium on Franciscan themes. This gathering was designed to interface, at a scholarly level, the major theological themes of the Franciscan tradition with contemporary issues in the Church and society. The first major initiative of CFIT, beginning in 2001, was to underwrite the publication of the proceedings of this annual symposium as the Washington Theological Union Symposium Papers. Before the WTU ceased operations, the Franciscan Center there hosted ten symposia whose proceedings were published by CFIT:

Number 1 - The Franciscan Intellectual Tradition (2001 Symposium). This seminal issue contains essays by Ilia Delio, O.S.F., Dominic Monti, O.F.M., Zachary Hayes, O.F.M., Kenan Osborne, O.F.M., Diane Tomkinson, O.S.F., Mary Beth Ingham, C.S.J., and Joseph Chinnici, O.F.M.

Number 2 – Franciscan Identity and Post-Modern Culture (2002 Symposium). Essays by Ilia Delio, O.S.F., John Burkhard, O.F.M . Conv., Jane Kopas, O.S.F., Xavier John Seubert, O.F.M., Vincent Cushing, O.F.M., and Gabriele Uhlein, O.S.F.

Number 3 – Franciscans and Creation: What Is Our Responsibility? (2003 Symposium). Essays by John F. Haught, Gabriele Uhlein, O.S.F., Dawn Nothwehr, O.S.F., Keith Douglass Warner, O.F.M., Frankin Fong, O.F.M., amd Zachary Hayes, O.F.M.

Number 4 – “Go Rebuild My House”: Franciscans and the Church Today (2004 Symposium). Essays by Doris Gottemoeller, R.S.M., John Burkhard, O.F.M . Conv., C. Colt Anderson, Vincent Cushing, O.F.M, and Katarina Schuth, O.S.F.

Number 5 – Franciscans and the Scriptures: Living in the Word of God (2005 Symposium). Essays by Dominic Monti, O.F.M., James Scullion, O.F.M., Robert J. Karris, O.F.M., and Michael Guinan, O.F.M.

Number 6 – Franciscans and Liturgical Life: Let Us Praise, Adore, and Give Thanks (2006 Symposium). Essays by Catherine Dooley, O.P., Judith Kubicki, O.S.F., James Sabak, O.F.M., William Cieslak, O.FM. Cap., and Daniel Grigassy, O.F.M.

Number 7 – Franciscan Evangelization: Striving to Preach the Gospel (2007 Symposium). Essays by Dominic Monti, O.F.M., C. Colt Anderson, Darleen Pryds, and Joseph Chinnici, O.F.M.

Number 8 – Moral Action in a Complex World: Franciscan Perspectives (2008 Symposium). Essays by Brian Johnstone, C.Ss.R., Thomas Shannon, Kathryn Getek, Thomas Nairn, O.F.M., and Mary Beth Ingham, C.S.J.

Number 9 – Poverty and Prosperity: Franciscans and the Use of Money (2009 Symposium). Essays by C. Colt Anderson, Marie Dennis, Michael F. Cusato, O.F.M., Steven McMichael, O.F.M. Conv., David Burr, and Jane Kopas, O.S.F.

Number 10 – Greed, Lust, and Power: Franciscan Strategies for Building a More Just World (2010 Symposium). Essays by Joseph Nangle, O.F.M., Michael H. Crosby, O.F.M. Cap., Darleen Pryds, and Vincent Cushing, O.F.M. To order, go to Washington Theological Union/CFIT.

To order, go to Washington Theological Union/CFIT.
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