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Franciscan School of Theology

Continuing Education at the Franciscan School of Theology offers affordable, high-quality instruction by some of the world’s foremost Franciscan scholars and educators. FST continuing education courses are open to the public and take place at our campus on the beautiful grounds of Historic Old Mission San Luis Rey in Oceanside, California.
Francis, His Spiritual Experience, His Gospel Interpretation, and Contemporary Life (June 29 -July 3)

Setting this week within the context of Francis’ life journey, the course will reflect on the relationship between his experience of the Spirit, his mission in society, and the articulation of this experience in his writings and actions.  The hope is to present for the contemporary believer a method for moving from the experience of life’s journey, to Gospel interpretation, to mission in the world.  Some themes, among others,  will be emphasized with reference to the writings of Pope Francis:  (1) the meaning of “encounter”;  (2) the “contemplative gaze”;  (3) the personalization of the poor; (4)  the “grace of working”; (5) the “field hospital” of the Church; (6) the sharing  in Christ’s redemption.  Selections from Francis’ writings and some secondary articles will be provided.

Instructor: Dr. Joseph Chinnici, OFM (one CEU $250)

About the Instructor

An Oxford-educated historian, Joe is a widely-respected scholar, teacher and speaker in the history of American Catholicism and the development of Franciscan theology and spirituality. Past president of the American Catholic Historical Association (2007-2008), he authored the seminal work Living Stones: The History and Structure of Catholic Spiritual Life in the United States (1989, 1996). His most recent book is When Values Collide: The Catholic Church, Sexual Abuse, and the Challenges of Leadership (2010). He is also general editor of the Franciscan Heritage Series, which makes available to contemporary audiences the spiritual, theological, and social inheritance of St. Francis of Assisi. Apart from his teaching duties, Joe has served in various administrative posts throughout his career: nine years as Provincial Minister for the Franciscan Friars of the Saint Barbara Province, two stints as Academic Dean at the Franciscan School of Theology, Chairman of the Commission for the Retrieval of the Franciscan Intellectual Tradition (CFIT, 2000-2013), and President of the Franciscan School of Theology (2011-2016).

Franciscan School of Theology professor and student

Franciscan Institute

The Franciscan Institute introduces two new Master Classes in Franciscan Studies. Master Classes are one-week intensive seminars in specific areas of Franciscan thought. Held at St. Bonaventure University’s beautiful campus in Western New York, these seminars allow participants to work with master teachers in the morning and engage in private study in the afternoon, with full access to the university’s world-class Franciscan Collection in Friedsam Library. The schedule and the atmosphere provide the perfect setting for study, reflection, and research for anyone wishing to deepen his/her Franciscan learning. Master Classes are not credit-bearing courses and cannot be used in conjuncture with degree-seeking individuals.
Robert Lax: Mystic Poet (June 08-12)

This course will explore the life and mysticism of Olean's own Robert Lax. Utilizing new biographical information and new sources from the Lax Archive at Friedsam Library, the course will introduce Lax's life including his connection with St. Bonaventure University and the Franciscan Institute, explore his thoughts on the virtue of Charity, and study his introspective poetic mysticism.

Dr. Joshua C. Benson is chair of the Department of Theology and Franciscan Studies at St. Bonaventure University. His prior research includes studies of St. Bonaventure and other Franciscans. His most recent research has focused on unpublished materials in the Robert Lax archive, some of which appeared in the recent publication of Lax's "21 Pages and Psalm" by the Franciscan Institute.

COST: $300
Registration Deadline: May 15

St. Bonaventure University Chapel


Franciscan Mentors Annual Conference (June 23-24, 2020)

Virtual Conference via Zoom

Conference Presenter: Darleen Pryds, Ph,D.

"Faith for Real Life: Franciscan Spirituality and Emotional Range"

In this two-day online program, we will explore the role emotions play in our lives of faith as Franciscans. The caricature of Francis as a sentimental animal lover belies the role emotions played in Francis’ own on-going conversions throughout his life and hides the rich variety of personalities in the Franciscan family especially among lay Franciscans whose gritty stories of ongoing conversions give us ample material to explore our own complex experiences of emotions, conflicts and their resolution, and conversion. In addition to stories from the tradition, our time together will include optional experiential meditations; prayerful movement; space for personal reflection; and fellowship.

Pre-recorded sessions will be available prior to live sessions to ground participants in the material.  Live sessions will be made available through Zoom and will be recorded and available to watch for 48 hours. All discussions, meditations, and movement will be available only as live sessions. 

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