Saint Francis: The “Poor Man of Assisi”

"Alleluia, Alleluia, Francis,

poor and humble, enters heaven rich

and is welcomed with celestial hymns. Alleluia."

Around the world people celebrate Francis

On October 4, Franciscan men and women, with all Christians, many religious people of other faiths, and countless people of goodwill throughout the world honor the inspiring memory of Francis of Assisi, “the Poverello.”

St Francis weds Lady Poverty fresco Giotto 700pxlsSaint Francis desired to follow Christ in his self-emptying and so “weds” Lady Poverty. Detail from fresco in the lower basilica of San Francesco in Assisi (Giotto, c. 1320).

Francis renounced wealth, status

Francis died on this date in 1226, as his first biographer tells us, “having completed twenty years since his conversion,” when he renounced wealth and status before the bishop of Assisi to follow the poor and humble Christ. The chief highlights of his life, as well as some of his more important writings and prayers are available at (scroll down

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