Saint Felix of Cantalice: Humble Servant

On May 18, the Franciscan family celebrates the memory of St. Felix of Cantalice (1515–1587), a Capuchin friar known for his life of humble service.

Devoted to prayer during work

Born in the village of Cantalice near Rieti, Italy, to a peasant family, Felix Porri worked as shepherd and then a ploughman. He was known to be devoted to prayer in the midst of his work. One day, while he was breaking in a team of young oxen, the animals were suddenly spooked and trampled on Felix, pulling the plow over his body. He survived, but this narrow escape caused him to rethink his life, and in 1543 he sought admission to the Capuchin friars in Cittaducale as a lay brother.

St Felix Cantalice.Italy 700pxlsThe village of Cantalice, near Rieti, birthplace of St. Felix. The church on top of the hill, dedicated to him, was built on the site of his humble family

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