St. John Capistran: Apostle of Europe

St. John Capistran (John of Capistrano, (1386–1456,) is a good example of what a strong faith, active involvement in society’s most pressing problems, and skilled communication can achieve. The memory of this Franciscan friar, canonized in 1690, recognized as “Apostle of Europe” (1956) and patron of military chaplains (1984), is celebrated every year on October 23. Yet, some aspects of his multifaceted activity appear less attractive, if not controversial nowadays.

Joining the Franciscan Order

A jurist with an excellent university education in civil and canon law, John joined the Franciscan Order just before he turned 30, late—by the standards of his time—renouncing his promising career as a judge in the city of Perugia (Italy), as also to the prospect of starting a family.

St John of Capestrano Capestrano town 700pxlsThe town of Capestrano, Abruzzo, John's birthplace, is dominated by its castle.

Converting secularized society

In a few years he became one of the most renowned itinerant

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