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The Story of Greccio and the Spirituality of Interdependence

By Darleen Pryds
Published in Advent & Francis of Assisi
November 20, 2023
1 min read

We can see at Greccio that, two years before he began composing the “Canticle of the Creatures,” Francis was already moving more deeply into a spirituality of interdependence that allowed him to experience his discomforts and distress, pain and frustrations, just as the Christ Child did: in raw vulnerability and in simple honesty of the realities of lived experience.  

Rather than withdrawing into solitude, Francis chose this moment to embrace what it means to be human: to depend on others and to be surrounded by all of creation. Right there, all of nature showed up to be authentically present without artifice or pretense—braying, bleating, singing, gurgling, smiling, giggling, crying, echoing these sounds—in short, celebrating the divine made incarnate. 

Join Dr. Darleen Pryds as she explores Francis and Greccio. Read her recent publication on here:

Darleen Pryds

Darleen Pryds

Associate Professor of Christian Spirituality and History

Darleen Pryds specializes in the Medieval Franciscan Tradition (Lay Franciscans and the Third Order, Lay Preaching, Mysticism) and the Spirituality of Dying and Death. Her focus on lay Franciscans has analyzed the tradition of lay preaching as a form of “Somatic Theology,” or theology expressed through lived experience.

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