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A Spirituality of Care: The Franciscan Practice of Interdependence, July 10-14, 2023

Jul, 10 2024 At 04:00 Hours
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Franciscan spirituality includes the practice of caregiving and its necessary partner, care receiving. This course explores the Franciscan tradition of this interdependent practice of care, which, at its heart, involves honest presence with one another and with oneself. We will consider both the joy and challenge inherent in the practice of care by examining lived experiences in the tradition of Francis and Clare. Special attention will be given to the stories of lay Franciscans in the tradition and to contemporary examples such as Thea Bowman, FSPA, and BI. Carlo Acutis. The course includes interactive lectures/discussions, film clips, experiential meditations, short readings, and invitations to reflection.

Instructor: Darleen Pryds, PhD

Darleen Pryds
Darleen Pryds, PhD

Darleen Pryds is a laywoman who has been exploring the Franciscan spiritual tradition since she was 18 as a freshman in college. Since then, she has found her academic research on the lay Franciscan tradition buoys her faith. Her focus on lay Franciscans has analyzed the tradition of lay preaching as a form of “Somatic Theology,” or theology expressed through lived experience. You can find her research in her many books and articles. Currently, her work explores Franciscan Laity as Co-Creators of the Franciscan Tradition and Emotional Range in the Franciscan tradition.

Dr. Pryds serves the greater Franciscan community in many ways. She serves on the Research Advisory Council of the Franciscan Institute (University of St. Bonaventure). For the Commission on the Franciscan Intellectual-Spiritual Tradition (CFIT). She is a member of the Executive Board.  she is a sought-after speaker for workshops, retreats, and lectures on Franciscan Spirituality and the Spirituality of Dying and Death. In her spare time, she volunteers as a hospice caregiver.

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