Task Force

The OFM-ESC appointed the Task Force following a joint meeting of the Provincials, representatives of the major centers of study, and representatives from the Franciscan Federation (TOR), the OFM Conventual Conference, Holy Name and Mother Bentivoglio Federations of the Poor Clares, the Secular Franciscan Formation Commission, and the OFM Capuchin Conference.

The meeting took place in Colorado Springs, CO, March 6-7, 2000. The Task Force was asked to make some practical recommendations for immediate action to the OFM-ESC meeting in March, 2001.

The Task Force is composed of the following members: Austin McCormack and Pierre Brunette, representing the English Speaking Conference; Joseph Chinnici, chairman, Ed Coughlin, and Margaret Carney, the three members of the core committee; and William Short and Ilia Delio, the theological consultants and representatives respectively of the Franciscan School of Theology, Berkeley, and the Washington Theological Union, Washington, D.C. The North American Capuchin Conference sent a representative, Cyprian Rosen, to the last meeting in Denver and has indicated its desire to participate in future discussions. The Committee was unable to secure the presence of a Conventual Friar at the meetings, but the Conventual Friars, the Poor Clares, and the Franciscan Federation have asked to be informed of the progress and expressed their desire to participate in the future dimensions of the project.

The Core Committee and Task Force have met several times throughout the past year, with the most significant meetings taking place in Chicago, September 29, 2000, and a two day meeting in Denver, January 5-7, 2001. Several subcommittee meetings and conference calls were also conducted by the Core Committee and the working groups in the various areas covered in this report. Members of the Core Committee met with the faculty at the Franciscan Institute (July 19), the North American Capuchin Conference (October 30), the leadership team and governors of the Franciscan Study Center, Canterbury (January 13-15) and the Franciscan faculty at the Catholic Theological Union (January 26). The various parts of the report were individually authored and then critiqued by the entire committee, with the Core Committee taking the major responsibility. The paper which identifies the salient features of the tradition was penned by William Short and Ilia Delio.