A Letter to Brother Anthony of Padua - 107 

A Letter to Brother Anthony of Paduaa

In his Chronicle of the Twenty-Four Generals, Arnold of Arrant states that Anthony of Lisbon was an Augustinian religious who became a follower of Francis of Assisi after learning of the martyrdom of Brother Berard and his companions. After his entrance into the Fraternity, the Brothers asked him to accept the responsibility of teaching them. “He did not presume to teach,” the Chronicle maintains, “no matter how urgent the brothers’ request without first obtaining the permission of the blessed Francis.”b The date of this letter, granting Anthony permission, is some time after the papal seal was placed on the Rule, that is, after November 29, 1223.

1Brother Francis sends greetings to Brother Anthony,my Bishop.c

2I am pleased that you teach sacred theology to the brothers providing that, as is contained in the Rule, you “do not extinguish the Spirit of prayer and devotion” during study of this kind.d




Fontes Franciscani, p. 55

Epistola ad Sanctum Antonium

1Fratri Antonio episcopo meo frater Franciscus salutem.

2Placet mihi quod sacram theologiam legas fratribus, dummodo inter huius studium orationis et devotionis spiritum non exstinguas, sicut in regula continetur.

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 1, p. 107