The Office of the Passion - 146 

At Nonea
Antiphon: Holy Virgin Mary
Psalm [VI]

1O all you who pass along the way*
look and see if there is any sorrow like my sorrow. Lam 1:12
2For many dogs surrounded me*
a pack of evildoers closed in on me. Ps 22:17 [Vulgate, Ps 21:17]
3They looked and stared at me;*
they divided my garments among them+
and they cast lots for my tunic. Ps 22:18 [Vulgate, Ps 21:18] Ps 22:19 [Vulgate, Ps 21:19]
4They pierced my hands and my feet*
they counted all my bones. Ps 22:17 [Vulgate, Ps 21:17] Ps 22:18 [Vulgate, Ps 21:18]
5They opened their mouth against me*
like a raging and roaring lion. Ps 22:14 [Vulgate, Ps 21:14]
6I have been poured out like water*
and all my bones have been scattered.
7My heart has become like melting wax*
in the midst of my bosom. Ps 22:15 [Vulgate, Ps 21:15]
8My strength has been dried up like baked clay*
and my tongue clings to my jaws. Ps 22:16 [Vulgate, Ps 21:16]
9They gave me gall as my food*
and, in my thirst, vinegar to drink. Ps 69:22 [Vulgate, Ps 68:22]
10They led me into the dust of death* Ps 22:16 [Vulgate, Ps 21:16]
and added sorrow to my wounds. Ps 69:27 [Vulgate, Ps 68:27]
11I have slept and risen* Ps 3:6
and my most holy Father has received me with glory. Ps 73:24 [Vulgate, Ps 72:24]
12Holy Father, you held my right hand* Jn 17:11
led me with your counsel+
and have taken me up with glory. Ps 73:24 [Vulgate, Ps 72:24]
13For what is there in heaven for me*
and what do I want on earth besides you? Ps 73:25 [Vulgate, Ps 72:25]
14See, see that I am God, says the Lord*
I shall be exalted among the nations+
and exalted on the earth. Ps 46:11 [Vulgate, Ps 45:11]




Officium passionis domini, Fontes Franciscani, p. 151-152

Ad Nonam
Antiphona: Sancta Maria Virgo
Psalmus [VI]

1O vos omnes, qui transitis per viam*
attendite et videte, si est dolor sicut dolor meus.
2Quoniam circumdederunt me canes multi*
concilium malignantium obsedit me.
3Ipsi vero consideraverunt et inspexerunt me*
diviserunt sibi vestimenta mea+
et super vestem meam miserunt sortem.
4Foderunt manus meas et pedes meos*
et dinumeraverunt omnia ossa mea.
5Aperuerunt super me os suum*
sicut leo rapiens et rugiens.
6Sicut aqua effusus sum*
et dispersa sunt omnia ossa mea.
7Et factum est cor meum tamquam cera liquescens ∗in medio ventris mei.
8Aruit tamquam testa virtus mea*
et lingua mea adhaesit faucibus meis.
9Et dederunt in escam meam fel*
et in siti mea potaverunt me aceto.
10Et in pulverem mortis deduxerunt me*
et super dolorem vulnerum meorum addiderunt.
11Ego dormivi et resurrexi et pater meus sanctissimus cum, gloria suscepit me.
12Pater sancte tenuisti manum dexteram meam
et in voluntate tua deduxisti me*
et cum gloria assumpsisti me.
13Quid enim mihi est in caelo*
et a te quid volui super terram?.
14Videte, videte, quoniam ego sum Deus, dicit Dominus*
exaltabor in gentibus+
et exaltabor in terra.

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 1, p. 146