The Office of the Passion - 144 

At Tercea
Antiphon: Holy Virgin Mary
Psalm [IV]

1Have mercy on me,OGod, for people have trampled me underfoot;*
all day long they have afflicted me and fight against me. Ps 56:2 [Vulgate, Ps 55:2]
2All day long my enemies trampled upon me*
for there were many waging war against me. Ps 56:3 [Vulgate, Ps 55:3]
3All my enemies have been thinking evil things against me;* Ps 41:8 [Vulgate, Ps 40:8]
they made an evil plot against me. Ps 41:9 [Vulgate, Ps 40:9]
4Those who were guarding my life*
have conspired together. Ps 71:10 [Vulgate, Ps 70:10]
5They went out* Ps 41:7 [Vulgate, Ps 40:7]
and spread it everywhere. Ps 41:8 [Vulgate, Ps 40:8]
6Seeing me everyone laughed at me;*
they whispered and shook their heads. Ps 22:8 [Vulgate, Ps 21:8]
7I am a worm and no human.*
the scorn of men and the outcast of the people. Ps 22:7 [Vulgate, Ps 21:7]
8I have been made despicable to my neighbors;+
far beyond all my enemies,*
a thing of fear to all my acquaintances. Ps 31:12 [Vulgate, Ps 30:12]
9O holy Father, do not keep your help from me* Jn 17:11
but look to my defense. Ps 22:20 [Vulgate, Ps 21:20]
10Come to my aid,*
Lord, God of my salvation. Ps 38:23 [Vulgate, Ps 37:23]

At Sextb
Antiphon: Holy Virgin Mary
Psalm [V]

1I cried to the Lord with all my voice;*
with all my voice I begged the Lord. Ps 142:2 [Vulgate, Ps 141:2]
2I pour out my prayer in His sight*
and I tell the Lord of all my trouble. Ps 142:3 [Vulgate, Ps 141:3]
3When my spirit failed me*
you knew my ways. Ps 142:4 [Vulgate, Ps 141:4]




Officium passionis domini, Fontes Franciscani, p. 149-150

Ad Tertiam
Antiphona: Sancta Maria Virgo
Psalmus [IV]

1Miserere mei, Deus, quoniam conculcavit me homo *
tota die impugnans tribulavit me.
2Conculcaverunt me inimici mei
tota die quoniam multi bellantes adversum me.
3Omnes inimici mei adversum me cogitabant mala mihi*
verbum iniquum constituerunt adversum me.
4Qui custodiebant animam meam, *
consilium fecerunt in unum.
5Egrediebantur foras *
et loquebantur in idipsum.
6Omnes videntes me deriserunt me *
locuti sunt labiis et moverunt caput.
7Ego autem sum vermis et non homo *
opprobrium hominum et abiectio plebis.
8Super omnes inimicos meos factus
sum opprobrium vicinis meis valde *
et timor notis meis.
9Pater sancte ne elongaveris auxilium tuum a me *
ad defensionem, meam conspice.
10Intende in adiutorium meum *
Domine Deus salutis meae.

Ad Sextam
Antiphona: Sancta Maria Virgo
Psalmus [V]

1Voce mea ad Dominum clamavi *
voce mea ad Dominum deprecatus sum.
2Effundo in conspectu eius orationem meam *
et tribulationem meam ante ipsum pronuntio.
3In deficiendo ex me spiritum meum *
et tu cognovisti semitas meas.

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 1, p. 144