The Office of the Passion - 140 

[Part One: For the Sacred Triduum
of Holy Week and for Weekdays Throughout the Year]a

At Complineb
Antiphon: Holy Virgin Mary
Psalm [I]

1God, I have told you of my life;*
you have placed all my tears in your sight. Ps 56:8 [Vulgate, Ps 55:8] Ps 56:9 [Vulgate, Ps 55:9]
2All my enemies were plotting evil against me;* Ps 41:8 [Vulgate, Ps 40:8]
they took counsel together. Ps 71:10 [Vulgate, Ps 70:10]
3They repaid me evil for good*c
and hatred for my love. Ps 109:5 [Vulgate, Ps 108:5]
4They slandered me in return for my love,*
but I continued to pray. Ps 109:4 [Vulgate, Ps 108:4]
5My holy Father, King of heaven and earth, do not leave me* Jn 17:11 Mt 11:25
for trouble is near and there is no one to help. Ps 22:12 [Vulgate, Ps 21:12]
6Let my enemies be turned back+
on whatever day I shall call upon you;*
for now I know that you are my God. Ps 56:10 [Vulgate, Ps 55:10]
7My friends and my neighbors have drawn near
and have stood against me;*
those who were close to me have stayed far away. Ps 38:12 [Vulgate, Ps 37:12]
8You have driven my acquaintances far from me;*
they have made me an abomination to them.+
I have been handed over and did not escape. Ps 88:9 [Vulgate, Ps 87:9]
9Holy Father, do not remove your help from me;* Jn 17:11 Ps 22:20 [Vulgate, Ps 21:20]
my God, look to my aid. Ps 71:12 [Vulgate, Ps 70:12]
10Come to my help,*
Lord, God of my salvation. Ps 38:23 [Vulgate, Ps 37:23]
Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit.
As it was in the beginning, is now, and will be forever. Amen.




Officium passionis domini, Fontes Franciscani, p. 145-146

[Pars I: Pro sacro triduo
hebdomadae maioris et feriis per annum].

Ad Completorium
Antiphona: Sancta Maria Virgo
Psalmus [I]

1Deus vitam meam annuntiavi tibi;*
posuisti lacrimas meas in conspectu tuo.
2Omnes inimici mei adversum me cogitabant mala mihi;*
et consilium fecerunt in unum.
3Et posuerunt adversum me mala pro vobis;*
et odium pro dilectione mea.
4Pro eo, ut me diligerent, detrahebant mihi;*
ego autem orabam.
5Mi pater sancte, rex caeli et terrae, ne discesseris a me*
quoniam tribulatio proxima est et non est qui adiuvet.
6Convertantur inimici mei retrorsum+
in quacumque die invocavero te;*
ecce cognovi, quoniam Deus meus es.
7Amici mei et proximi mei adversum me appropinquaverunt et steterunt*
et proximi mei a longe steterunt.
8Longe fecisti notos meos a me;*
posuerunt me abominationem sibi,+
traditus sum et non egrediebar.
9Pater sancte, ne elongaveris auxilium tuum a me;*
Deus meus ad auxilium meum respice.
10Intende in adiutorium meum,
Domine Deus salutis meae.
11Gloria Patri et Filio et Spiritui Sancto:*
Sicut erat in principio et nunc et semper et in saecula saeculorum. Amen.

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 1, p. 140