The Testament - 127 

the hands of his minister. 33And let the minister be bound through obedience to send him with such brothers who would guard him as a prisoner until they deliver him to the Lord of Ostia, who is the Lord, the Protector and the Corrector of this fraternity.

34And the brothers may not say: “This is another rule.”a Because this is a remembrance, admonition, exhortation, and my testament, which I, little brother Francis, make for you, my blessed brothers, that we might observe the Rule we have promised in a more Catholic way.

35And let the general minister and all the other ministers and custodians be bound through obedience not to add to or take away from these words. Dt 4:2 Dt 12:32 36And let them always have this writing with them together with the Rule.37And in all the chapters which they hold, when they read the Rule, let them also read these words. 38And I strictly command all my cleric and lay brothers, through obedience, not to place any gloss upon the Rule or upon these words saying: “They should be understood in this way.” 39But as the Lord has given me to speak and write the Rule and these words simply and purely, may you understand them simply and without gloss and observe them with a holy activity until the end.

40And whoever observes these things, let him be blessed in heaven with the blessing Gn 27:27 of the Most High Father, and on earth Gn 27:28 with the blessing of His Beloved Son with the Most Holy Spirit, the Paraclete, and all the powers of heaven and with all the saints. 41And, as far as I can, I, little brother Francis, your servant, confirm for you, both within and without, this most holy blessing.




Testamentum, Fontes Franciscani, p. 231-232

32Et custos firmiter teneatur per obedientiam ipsum fortiter custodire, sicuti hominem in vinculis die noctuque, ita quod non possit eripi de manibus suis, donec propria sua persona ipsum repraesentet in manibus sui ministri. 33Et minister firmiter teneatur per obedientiam mittendi ipsum per tales fratres, quod die noctuque custodiant ipsum sicuti hominem in vinculis, donec repraesentent ipsum coram domino Ostiensi, qui est dominus, protector et corrector totius fraternitatis.

34Et non dicant fratres: Haec est alia regula, quia haec est recordatio, admonitio, exhortatio et meum testamentum, quod ego frater Franciscus parvulus facio vobis fratribus meis benedictis propter hoc, ut regulam, quani Domino promisimus, melius catholice observemus.

35Et generalis minister et omnes alii ministri et custodes per obedientiam, teneantur, in istis verbis non addere vel minuere. 36Et semper hoc scriptum habeant secum iuxta regulam. 37Et in omnibus capitulis quae faciunt, quando legunt regulam, legant et ista verba. 38Et omnibus fratribus meis clericis et laicis praecipio firmiter per obedientiam, ut non mittant glossas in regula neque in istis verbis dicendo: Ita volunt intelligi. 39Sed sicut dedit mihi Dominus simpliciter et pure dicere et scribere regulam et ista verba, ita simpliciter et sine glossa intelligatis et cum sancta operatione observetis usque in finem.

40Et quicumque haec observaverit, in caelo repleatur benedictione altissimi Patris et in terra repleatur benedictione dilecti Filii sui cum sanctissimo Spiritu Paraclito et omnibus virtutibus caelorum et omnibus sanctis . 41Et ego frater Franciscus parvulus vester servus quantumcumque possum, confirmo vobis intus et foris istam sanctissimam benedictionem.

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 1, p. 127