The Testament - 126 

from door to door. 23The Lord revealed a greeting to me that we should say: "May the Lord give you peace." 2 Thes 3:16

24Let the brothers be careful not to receive in any way churches or poor dwellings or anything else built for them unless they are according to the holy poverty we have promised in the Rule.a As pilgrims and strangers, 1 Pt 2:11 let them always be guests there.

25I strictly command all the brothers through obedience, wherever they may be, not to dare to ask any letter from the Roman Curia, either personally or through an intermediary, whether for a church or another place or under the pretext of preaching or the persecution of their bodies.b 26But, wherever they have not been received, let them flee into another country to do penance with the blessing of God. Mt 10:23

27And I firmly wish to obey the general minister of this fraternity and the other guardian whom it pleases him to give me. 28And I so wish to be a captive in his hands that I cannot go anywhere or do anything beyond obedience and his will, for he is my master.

29And although I may be simple and infirm, I nevertheless want to have a cleric always with me who will celebrate the Office for me as it is prescribed in the Rule.

30And let all the brothers be bound to obey their guardians and to recite the Office according to the Rule. 31And if some might have been found who are not reciting the Office according to the Rule and want to change it in some way, or who are not Catholics, let all the brothers, wherever they may have found one of them, be bound through obedience to bring him before the custodian of that place nearest to where they found him.c 32And let the custodian be strictly bound through obedience to keep him securely day and night as a man in chains, so that he cannot be taken from his hands until he can personally deliver him into the hands of his minister.




Testamentum, Fontes Franciscani, p. 229-230

22Et quando non daretur nobis pretium laboris, recurramus ad mensam Domini, petendo eleemosynam ostiatim. 23Salutationem mihi Dominus revelavit, ut diceremus: Dominus det tibi Pacem.

24Caveant sibi fratres, ut ecclesias, habitacula paupercula et omnia, quae pro ipsis construuntur, penitus non recipiant, nisi essent, sicut decet sanctam paupertatem, quam in regula promisimus, semper ibi hospitantes si- cut advenae et peregrini.

25Praecipio firmiter per obedientiam fratribus universis, quod ubicumque sunt, non audeant petere aliquam litteram in curia Romana, per se neque per interpositam personam, neque pro ecclesia neque pro alio loco neque sub specie praedicationis neque pro persecutione suorum corporum; 26sed ubicumque non fuerint recepti, fugiant in aliam terram ad faciendam poenitentiam cum benedictione Dei.

27Et firmiter volo obedire ministro generali huius fraternitatis et alio guardiano, quem sibi placuerit mihi dare. 28Et ita volo esse captus in manibus suis, ut non possim ire vel facere ultra obedientiam et voluntatem suam, quia dominus meus est.

29Et quamvis sim simplex et infirmus, tamen semper volo habere clericum, qui mihi faciat officium, sicut in regula continetur.

30Et omnes alii fratres teneantur ita obedire guardianis suis et facere officium secundum regulam. 31Et qui inventi essent, quod non facerent officium secundum regulam, et vellent alio modo variare, aut non essent catholici, omnes fratres, ubicumque sunt, per obedientiam teneantur, quod ubicumque invenerint aliquem ipsorum, proximiori custodi illius loci, ubi ipsum invenerint, debeant repraesentare. 32Et custos firmiter teneatur per obedientiam ipsum fortiter custodire, sicuti hominem in vinculis die noctuque, ita quod non possit eripi de manibus suis, donec propria sua persona ipsum repraesentet in manibus sui ministri.

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 1, p. 126