The Praises of God and the Blessing - 110 

(Edition of Attilio Bartoli Langeli)a

Attilio Bartoli Langeli offers an alternate edition of this parchment. It too is based on the 1974 study of Duane Lapsanski as well as personal examination of the manuscript in the glass enclosed reliquary of Assisi’s Basilica of Saint Francis. In this instance, however, there is no attempt to supply the illegible and missing words or the missing capitalization and punctuation. Thus this edition, while less polished, presents more accurately what Francis wrote on the small piece of parchment he gave to and preserved by Brother Leo.

2_____ are great you are the most high
3_____ are the almighty king you holy father king of heaven and
4_____you are three and one the lord g___bb
5of __ods you are the good all good the highest good
6lord god living and true you are love charityc
7________dom you are humilityd you are pa
8tience,you are_______e you are security, You are the qui
9et you are joy and you are our hope, happiness you are justice,
10____temperance______e all ourf riches to sufficiency.
11You are beaut__ you are meekness
12you are protector you are custodian and defender
13you are strength you are refugeg you are our hope
14you are our faith, you are char___




Chartula fratri leoni data, Fontes Franciscani, p. 46-48

A: Laudes Dei altissimi
(editio Bartoli Langeli)

1[tu es sanctus dominus deus solus qui facis mirabilia]
2[tu es fortis tu] es magnus. tu es altisimus
3[tu es] potens tu pat sante rex celi et
4[terre] tu es trinus unus. donus d[eus]
5[deo]ru tu es bonu one bonu. sumu b[onu]
6doins deus uiuus uerus. tu es caritas
7[tu es sa]pietia tu es umilitas tu es pa
8[ciencia -----] tu es securitas tu es q[e]
9tas. tu es gaudi[u] letitia tu es iustitia
10[] teperacia. [tu e]s diuitia asufici[etia]
11tu es pulcritu[do] tu es masuetudo
12tu es potetor tu es custos defesor
13tu es fortitudo tu es refugiu tu es spes
14nostra tu es fides nostra tu es car[itas]

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 1, p. 110