The Later Rule - 104 

are priests, with a heart full of mercya let them impose on him a penance; but, if the ministers are not priests, let them have it imposed by others who are priests of the Order, as in the sight of God appears to them more expedient. 3They must be careful not to be angry or disturbed at the sin of another, for anger and disturbance impede charity in themselves and in others.

[Chapter VIII]
The Election of the General Minister of This Fraternity
and the Chapter of Pentecost

1Let all the brothers always be bound to have one of the brothers of this Order as general minister and servant of the whole fraternity and let them be strictly bound to obey him. 2When he dies, let the election of his successor be made by the provincial ministers and custodians in the Chapter of Pentecost, at which all the provincial ministers are bound to assemble in whatever place the general minister may have designated. 3Let them do this once in every three years, or at other longer or shorter intervals, as determined by the aforesaid minister.

4If, at any time, it appears to the body of the provincial ministers and custodians that the aforesaid general minister is not qualified for the service and general welfare of the brothers, let the aforesaid brothers, to whom the election is committed, be bound to elect another as custodian in the name of the Lord.

5Moreover, after the Chapter of Pentecost, the provincial ministers and custodians may each, if they wish and it seems expedient to them, convoke a Chapter of the brothers in their custodies once in the same year.

[Chapter IX]

1The brothers may not preach in the diocese of any bishop when he has opposed their doing so. 2And let none of the brothers dare to preach in any way to the people unless he has been examined and approved by the general minister ...




Regula bullata, Fontes Franciscani, p. 177-178

si presbyteri sunt, cum misericordia iniungant illis poenitentiam; si vero presbyteri non sunt, iniungi faciant per alios sacerdotes ordinis, sicut eis secundum Deum melius videbitur expedire. 4Et cavere debent, ne irascantur et conturbentur propter peccatum alicuius, quia ira et conturbatio in se et in aliis impediunt caritatem.

[Caput VIII]
1De electione generalis ministri huis fraternitatis
et de capitulo Pentecostes

2Universi fratres unum de fratribus istius religionis teneantur semper habere generalem ministrum et servum totius fraternitatis et ei teneantur firmiter obedire. 3Quo decedente, electio successoris fiat a ministris provincialibus et custodibus in capitulo Pentecostes, in quo provinciales ministri teneantur semper insimul convenire, ubicumque a generali ministro fuerit constitutum ; 4et hoc semel in tribus annis vel ad alium terminum maiorem vel minorem, sicut a praedicto ministro fuerit ordinatum.

5Et si aliquo tempore appareret universitati ministrorum provincialium et custodum, praedictum ministrum non esse sufficientem ad servitium et communem utilitatem fratrum, teneantur praedicti fratres, quibus electio data est, in nomine Domini alium sibi eligere in custodem.

6Post capitulum vero Pentecostes ministri et custodes possint singuli, si voluerint et eis expedire videbitur, eodem anno in suis custodiis semel fratres suos ad capitulum convocare.

[Caput IX]
1De praedicatoribus

2Fratres non praedicent in episcopatu alicuius episcopi, cum ab eo illis fuerit contradictum. 3Et nullus fratrum populo penitus audeat praedicare, nisi a ministro generali huius fraternitatis fuerit examinatus et approbatus, et ab eo officium sibi praedicationis concessum.

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 1, p. 104