The Later Rule - 102 

bound to fast except on Fridays. 9During a time of obvious need, however, the brothers may not be bound by corporal fast.

10I counsel, admonish and exhort my brothers in the Lord Jesus Christ not to quarrel or argue or judge others when they go about in the world; 11but let them be meek, peaceful, modest, gentle, and humble, 2 Tm 2:14 speaking courteously to everyone, as is becoming. 12They should not ride horseback unless they are compelled by an obvious need or an infirmity. 13Into whatever house they enter, let them first say: “Peace be to this house!” Lk 10:5 14According to the holy Gospel, let them eat whatever food is set before them. Lk 10:8

[Chapter IV]
Let the Brothers Never Receive Money

1I strictly command all my brothers not to receive coins or money in any form, either personally or through intermediaries.a 2Nevertheless, the ministers and custodians alone may take special care through their spiritual friends to provide for the needs of the sick and the clothing of the others according to places, seasons and cold climates, as they judge necessary,b 3saving always that, as stated above, they do not receive coins or money.

[Chapter V]
The Manner of Working

1Those brothers to whom the Lord has given the grace of working may work faithfully and devotedly 2so that, while avoiding idleness, the enemy of the soul, they do not extinguish the Spirit of holy prayer and devotion to which all temporal things must contribute.c

3In payment for their work they may receive whatever is necessary for the bodily support of themselves and their brothers, excepting coin or money, ...




Regula bullata, Fontes Franciscani, p. 174-175

9Aliis autem temporibus non teneantur nisi sexta feria ieiunare. 10Tempore vero manifestae necessitatis non teneantur fratres ieiunio corporali.

11Consulo vero, moneo et exhortor fratres meos in Domino Jesu Christo, ut quando vadunt per mundum, non litigent neque contendant verbis, nec alios iudicent; 12sed sint mites, pacifici et modesti, mansueti et humiles, honeste loquentes omnibus, sicut decet. 13Et non debeant equitare, nisi manifesta necessitate vel infirmitate cogantur. 14In quamcumque domum intraverint, primum dicant: Pax huic domui. 15Et secundum sanctum Evangelium de omnibus cibis, qui apponuntur eis, liceat manducare.

[Caput IV]
1Quod fratres non recipiant pecuniam

2Praecipio firmiter fratribus universis, ut nullo modo denarios vel pecuniam Recipiant per se vel per interpositam personam. 3Tamen pro necessitatibus infirmorum et aliis fratribus induendis, per amicos spirituales, ministri tantum et custodes sollicitam curam gerant secundum loca et tempora et frigidas regiones, sicut necessitati viderint expedire ; 4eo semper salvo, ut, sicut dictum est, denarios vel pecuniam non recipiant.

[Caput V]
1De modo laborandi

2Fratres illi, quibus gratiam dedit Dominus laborandi, laborent fideliter et devote, 3ita quod, excluso otio animae inimico, sanctae orationis et devotionis spiritum non exstinguant, cui debent cetera temporalia deservire.

4De mercede vero laboris pro se et suis fra- tribus corporis necessaria recipiant praeter denarios vel pecuniam

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 1, p. 102