The Later Rule - 100 

[Chapter I]a
In the Name of the Lord!
The Life of the Lesser Brothers Begins

1The Rule and Life of the Lesser Brothers is this: to observe the Holy Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ by living in obedience, without anything of one’s own, and in chastity.

2Brother Francis promises obedience and reverence to our Lord Pope Honorius and his successors canonically elected and to the Roman Church. 3Let the other brothers be bound to obey Brother Francis and his successors.

[Chapter II]
Those Who Wish to Adopt This Life,
and How They Should Be Received

1If there are any who wish to accept this life and come to our brothers, let them send them to their provincial ministers, towhomalone and not to others is permission granted to receive the brothers. 2Let the ministers examine them carefully concerning the Catholic faith and the sacraments of the Church. 3If they believe all these things, will faithfully profess them, and steadfastly observe them to the end; 4and if they have no wives, or if they have wives who have already taken a vow of continence and are of such an age that suspicion cannot be raised about them, and who have already entered a monastery or have given their husbands permission by the authority of the bishop of the diocese,b 5let the ministers speak to them the words of the holy Gospel that they go and sell all they have and take care to give it to the poor. Mt 19:21 Mk 10:21 Lk 18:22 6If they cannot do this, their good will may suffice. 7Let the brothers and the minister be careful not to interfere with their temporal goods that they may dispose of their belongings as the Lord inspires them. 8If, however, counsel is sought, ...




Regula bullata, Fontes Franciscani, p. 171-173

[Caput I] - 1In nomine Domini!
Incipit vita Minorum Fratrum:

2Regula et vita Minorum Fratrum haec est, scilicet Domini nostri Jesu Christi sanctum Evangelium observare vivendo in obedien- tia, sine proprio et in castitate. 3Frater Franciscus promittit obedientiam et reverentiam domino papae Honorio ac successoribus eius canonice intrantibus et Ecclesiae Romanae. 4Et alii fratres teneantur fratri Francisco et eius successoribus obedire.

[Caput II] - 1De his qui volunt vitam istam accipere,
et qualiter recipi debeant

2Si qui voluerint hanc vitam accipere et venerint ad fratres nostros, mittant eos ad suos ministros provinciales, quibus solummodo et non aliis Recipiendi fratres licentia concedatur. 3Ministri vero diligenter examinent eos de fide catholica et ecclesiasticis sacramentis. 4Et si haec omnia credant et velint ea fideliter confiteri et usque in finem firmiter observare, 5et uxores non habent vel, si habent, et iam monasterium intraverint uxores vel, licentiam eis dederint auctoritate dioecesani episcopi, voto continentiae iam emisso, et illius sint aetatis uxores, quod non possit de eis oriri suspicio, 6dicant illis verbum sancti Evangelii, quod vadant et vendant omnia sua et ea studeant pauperibus erogare. 7Quod si facere non potuerint, sufficit eis bona voluntas. 8Et caveant fratres et eorum ministri, ne solliciti sint de rebus suis temporalibus, ut libere faciant de rebus suis, quidquid Dominus inspiraverit eis. 9Si tamen consilium requiratur, licentiam habeant ministri mittendi eos ad aliquos Deum timentes, quorum consilio bona sua pauperibus erogentur.

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 1, p. 100