The Canticle of Exhortation - 115 

The Canticle of Exhortation
for the Ladies of San Damiano

At the same time of his composition of the Canticle of the Creatures, Francis wrote another canticle for the Poor Ladies of San Damiano’s who, according to the author of The Assisi Compilation, were suffering at knowledge of his ailments.a

1Listen, little poor ones called by the Lord,
who have come together from many parts and provinces.b
2Live always in truth, Jn 17:17
that you may die in obedience.
3Do not look at the life without,
for that of the Spirit is better.c
4I beg you out of great love,
to use with discernment
the alms the Lord gives you.
5Those weighed down by sickness
and the others wearied because of them,
all of you: bear it in peace.
6For you will sell this fatigue at a very high price
and each one will be crowned queen
in heaven with the Virgin Mary.d




Verba Exhortationis Audite Poverelle, Fontes Franciscani, p. 245

Verba Exhortationis "Audite Poverelle"

Haec verba fecit beatus Franciscus in vulgari:

1Audite, poverelle, dal Signór[e] vocáte,
ke de multe parte et provincie séte adunáte:
2vivate sémpre / en-veritáte,
ke en obediéntÏa morÏáte.
3Non guardate a la víta de-fóre,
ka quella dello spírito / è-miglióre.
4Io ve prégo per-grand'amóre,
k'aiate discrecÏone // de le lemosene ke ve dà-el Segnór[e].
5Quelle ke sunt adgravate de ínfirmitáte
et l'altre ke per lor[o] s(u)ò adfatigáte
tutte quante lo sostengáte en-páce,
a multo ve[n]deri[te] cara quésta fa[t]íga,
6ka cascúna serà-regína // en celo coronata cum la Vérgene María.

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 1, p. 115