Later Admonition and Exhortation - 50 

and Who alone is holy,
worthy of praise and blessing
through endless ages.

63All those, however, who are not living in penance, who do not receive the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, 64who practice vice and sin and walk after evil concupiscence and wicked desires, who do not observe what they have promised, 65and who serve the world with their bodies, the desires of the flesh, the cares and anxieties of this world, and the preoccupations of this life 66[all these] are deceived by the devil whose children they are and whose works they do. Jn 8:41 a They are blind because they do not see the true light, our Lord Jesus Christ. 67They do not have spiritual wisdom because they do not possess the Son of God, the true wisdom of the Father, within them. It is said of them: Their wisdom has been swallowed up. Ps 107:27 [Vulgate, Ps 106:27] 68They see, recognize, know, and do evil; and, knowingly, they lose their souls.

69See, you blind ones, deceived by your enemies, that is, the flesh, the world, and the devil, for it is sweet for the body to commit sin and bitter to serve God, because every evil, vice and sin flow and proceed from people’s hearts, Mt 15:19 as the Lord says in the Gospel. 70And you have nothing in this world or in that to come. 71You think you possess the vanities of the world for a long time, but you are deceived because a day and an hour are coming of which you do not think, do not know, and are not aware.

72The body becomes weak, death approaches, relatives and friends come saying: “Put your affairs in order.” 73Look, his wife and children, relatives and friends pretend to cry. 74Glancing about, he sees them weeping and is moved by an evil impulse. He says, thinking to himself, “See, I place my soul and body, all that I have in your hands.” 75In fact, that man is cursed who entrusts and places his soul and body and all he has in such hands; 76for, as the Lord says through the prophet, Cursed is the one who trusts in another. Jer 17:5 77And immediately they make a priest come. The priest says to him: “Do you want to receive penance for all your sins?” 78“I do,” he responds. “Do you wish to make satisfaction, as far as you can, out of your wealth, for what you have done and the ways in which you have cheated and deceived people?"




Epistola ad fideles (Recensio posterior), Fontes Franciscani, p. 84-85

62quia ipse est virtus et fortitudo nostra, qui est solus bonus, solus altissimus, solus omnipotens, admirabilis, gloriosus et solus sanctus, laudabilis et benedictus per infinita saecula saeculorum. Amen.

63Omnes autem illi, qui non sunt in poenitentia et non recipiunt corpus et sanguinem Domini nostri Jesu Christi, 64et operantur vitia et peccata, et qui ambulant post malam concupiscentiam et mala desideria, et non observant, quae promiserunt, 65et serviunt corporaliter mundo carnalibus desideriis, curis et sollicitudinibus huius saeculi et curis huius vitae, 66decepti a diabolo, cuius filii sunt et eius opera faciunt, caeci sunt, quia verum lumen non vident Dominum nostrum Jesum Christum. 67Sapientiam non habent spiritualem, quia non habent Filium Dei in se, qui est vera sapientia Patris; de quibus dicitur: Sapientia eorum devorata est. 68Vident, agnoscunt, sciunt et faciunt mala; et scienter perdunt animas.

69Videte, caeci, decepti ab inimicis nostris scilicet a carne, a mundo et a diabolo, quia corpori dulce est facere peccatum et amarum servire Deo, quia omnia mala, vitia et peccata de corde hominum exeunt et procedunt, sicut dicit Dominus in evangelio . 70Et nihil habetis in hoc saeculo neque in futuro. 71Putatis diu possidere vanitates huius saeculi, sed decepti estis, quia veniet dies et hora, de quibus non cogitatis et nescitis et ignoratis.

72Infirmatur corpus, mors appropinquat, veniunt propinqui et amici dicentes: Dispone tua. 73Ecce uxor eius et filii eius et propinqui et amici fingunt flere . 74Et respiciens videt eos flentes, movetur malo motu; cogitando intra se dicit: Ecce animam et corpus meum et omnia mea pono in manibus vestris. 75Vere, iste homo est maledictus, qui confidit et exponit animam suam et corpus et omnia sua in talibus manibus; 76unde Dominus per prophetam: Maledictus homo qui confidit in homine. 77Et statim faciunt venire sacerdotem; dicit ei sacerdos: "Vis recipere poenitentiam de omnibus peccatis tuis" ? Respondet: "Volo." 78"Vis satisfacere de commissis et his quae fraudasti et decepisti homines sicut potes de tua substantia?" Respondet: "Non."

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 1, p. 50