Fragments - 96 

2Let the brothers beware that they do not show themselves outwardly gloomy and sad hypocrites, but let them show themselves joyful in the Lord, cheerful and appropriately gracious. ER VII 6 ER VII 2

3... and he quoted to the rash brother the words of the rule from which it is very clear that a coin that is found is to be trampled upon as if it were dust. ER VIII 6

4Wherefore in one of his rules he had these words set down; “I beg all my sick brothers that they do not become angry in their infirmities or disturbed either at God or at their brothers. Let them not be too solicitous in asking for medicines, nor too desirous that the flesh which is soon to die and which is the enemy of the soul be delivered. let them give thanks in all things, 1 Thes 5:18 so that they may desire to be as God wants them to be. Acts 13:48 For whom God has destined for eternal life, he instructs by the goads of scourging and sicknesses, as he himself said those whom I love, I correct and chastise.” Rv 3:19 ER X 3-4




Fragmenta alterius regulae non bullatae, Fontes Franciscani, p. 137

2[ generali commonitione in quodam capitulo scribi fecit haec verba]: Caveant fratres, ne se ostendant extrinsecus nubilosos et hypocritas tristes, sed ostendant se gaudentes in Domino b , hilares et iucundos et convenienter gratiosos.

3[... inculcans temerario verbum regulae quo satis elucet velut pulverem inventum denarium conculcari debere].

4[Unde in quadam regula scribi fecit haec verba]: Rogo omnes fratres meos infirmos, ut in suis infirmitatibus non irascantur vel conturbentur contra Deum vel contra fratres. Non multum sollicite postulent medicinas, nec nimis desiderent liberare carnem cito morituram, quae est animae inimica. De omnibus gratias agant, ut quales vult eos esse Deus, tales se fore desiderent. Quos enim Deus ad vitam praeordinavit aeternam c, flagellorum atque infirmitatum stimulis erudit, sicut ipse dixit: Ego quos amo, corrigo et castigo.

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 1, p. 96