Fragments - 95 

24The Gospel teaches not to dispute, nor strike, nor resist evil—all of which the Rule, before it received the papal seal, especially expressed; but now it includes everything in precise and general words. ER XI 1 ER XIV 4-7

25The saint spoke in the first Rule of the two ways of behaving among non-believers: “The brothers can behave among them spiritually in two ways. One way is not to engage in arguments or disputes but to be subject to every creature for God’s sake and to acknowledge they are Christians. The other way is, when they see that it pleases God, to announce the word of God, that they might believe in God the Father almighty, His Son and the Holy Spirit, the creator of everything, the redeemer and savior of all the faithful, and might be baptized and become Christians, because they cannot be saved unless they are baptized and be true and spiritual Christians, because, unless someone has been reborn from water and the Holy Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God.” ER XVI 5-7

26And he later added: “Let the brothers remember that they have given themselves and left their bodies for God’s sake to the Lord Jesus Christ. For his love they must endure tribulation, persecution and death, because the Lord says: ‘Whoever loses his life for my sake will save it.’ ‘I say to you, my friend, do not be afraid of those who kill the body.’ ‘If they persecute you in one city, flee to another.’” ER XVI 10-11, 14 ER XVI 17

27... as the saint encouraged in the first Rule: “Let all the brothers preach with their deeds.” ER XVII 3

28In a marvelous way the saint wanted to defer to ecclesiastical persons: “Let us hold all clergy and religious as our Lord in those matters that do not deviate from our religion and respect their order and administration in the Lord.” ER XIX 3

29I remind all the brothers of the tenor and spirit of what is written in this Rule and ask the Lord to bless those who teach, learn and examine it ... ER XXIV 1-3

III. Fragments found in the Remembrance of Thomas of Celano (1247)

1Let [the ministers] be bound to render an account before you, Lord, on judgment day, if any of their brothers perishes because of their negligence, example or harsh correction. ER IV 6




Fragmenta alterius regulae non bullatae, Fontes Franciscani, p. 135-137

24[Porro evangelium non contendere non repetere non resistere malo docet, quae omnia ante bullam regula specialiter exprimebat. Sed nunc concisis ac generalibus verbis eadem comprehendit].

25[Duplicem autem modum conversandi inter incredulos sanctus in regula prius ponens dicebat]: Fratres [inquit] duobus modis inter eos possunt spiritualiter conversari. Unus modus ut non faciant lites nec contentiones, sed subditi sint omni creaturae propter Deum, et confiteantur se esse christianos. Alius modus est quod cum viderint placere Domino annuntient verbum Dei ut credant in Deum Pa- trem omnipotentem et Filium et Spiritum Sanctum, creatorem omnium redemptorem omnium fidelium et salvatorem, et ut baptizentur et efficiantur christiani, quia salvari non possunt nisi qui baptizantur et sunt vere spirituales christiani. Quia nisi quis renatus fuerit ex aqua et Spiritu Sancto non potest intrare regnum Dei.

26[Et quibusdam interpositis addebat]: Et recordentur fratres quia dederunt se et reliquerunt corpora sua Domino Iesu Christo. Et pro eius amore debent sustinere persecutionem et mortem. Quia dicit Dominus: Qui perdiderit animum suam propter me salvam faciet eam. Dico autem vobis amicis meis: ne terreamini ab his qui occidunt corpus. Si vos persequuntur in una civitate, fugite in aliam.

27[... prout sanctus prius in regula hortabatur dicens]: Omnes fratres operibus praedicent.

28a[Miro sanctus affectu personis ecelesiasticis deferri volebat. Unde prius in regula sic dicebat]: Omnes clericos et omnes religiosos habeamus pro dominis in his quae a nostra religione non deviant, et ordinem et administrationem et officium eorum in Domino veneremur.

29[... cuius interdum pro aedificatione ac maioris contextus per originem elucidatione recordor, omnes fratres ... tenorem et sensum eorum quae, in ipsa regula scripta erant ... docentes discentes inspicientes habentes orabat a Domino benedici].

III - Fragmenta in secunda Vita s. Francisci fratris Thomae Celanensis conservata

1[Ministri] teneantur in die iudicii coram te, Domine, reddere rationem a si aliquis frater eorum vel negligentia vel exemplo seu etiam aspera correctione perierit.

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 1, p. 95