Fragments - 93 

sinned since it is not the healthy who need a physician but those who are sick.” ER 7-8

6According to that word of the Lord that the blessed Francis also said to the brothers: “The leaders of the nations lord it over them, and those who are greater exercise power over them; Mt 20:25 Mt 20:26 it shall not be that way among you.” ER V 10

7The saint used to exhort them in the Rule before it had received the papal seal: “Through the love of the Spirit, let them willingly serve and obey one another. This is,” he said, “the true and secure obedience of our Lord Jesus Christ.” ER V 14b-15

8Wherefore he used to say at first in the Rule: “In whatever place they may be, the brothers who may not observe our life spiritually shall indicate this to their ministers. But let the ministers so provide for them as they would wish to be done for themselves.” ER VI 1-2

9... or according to the first Rule, as it was said: “In whatever place the brothers are ...” ER VI 1

10Wherefore the Rule at first used to contain: “In whatever place they are staying, all the brothers may not be the chief stewards or administrators nor may they be placed before others with the honors of those they serve; nor may they receive any office which engenders scandal or causes any harm to their souls; Mk 8:36 but let them be minors and subject to everyone who is in the same house.” ER VII 1-2

11Wherefore at first it was said in the Rule: “Let the brothers who know how to work do so and exercise the skill they know if it is not contrary to their salvation.” ER VII 3

12And after a few [words]: “Each one may remain in that employment and position in which he has been called 1 Cor 7:24 according to the determination of the minister.” ER VII 6

13Wherefore he placed in the Rule before it received the papal seal: “The servants of God must always insist upon prayer or some good work.” ER VII 12

14These words were in the Rule before it received the papal seal: “Let the brothers be careful they do not appropriate or defend any place or anything.” ER VII 13

15The saint originally used to speak in this way in the Rule ... and again: “Wherever the brothers may be and whatever place they find themselves, let them consider one another spiritually and diligently, and honor one another without murmuring. 1 Pt 4:9 And let them be careful that they do not show themselves outwardly as sad and depressed hypocrites, ...




Fragmenta alterius regulae non bullatae, Fontes Franciscani, p. 132-133

Sed spiritualiter sicut possunt adiuvent illum qui peccavit quia non est opus sanis medicus sed male habentibus.

6[Ministerium habent non dominium super fratres iuxta illud Domini verbum quod etiam beatus Franciscus dicebat]: Principes gentium dominantur eorum et qui maiores sunt potestatem exercent in eos. Non sic inter vos erit.

7[... sic sanctus ante bullam eos in regula hortabatur]: Per caritatem spiritus voluntarie serviant et obediant invicem. Haec est ait vera et sancta obedientia Domini nostri Iesu Christi.

8[Unde sic prius in regula dicebatur]: Fratres in quibuscumque locis sunt qui non possunt spiritualiter vitam nostram servare, idipsum suo ministro significent. Minister vero taliter eis studeat, providere sicut ipse vellet sibi fieri si in simili casu esset.

9[... vel secundum primam ut dictum est regulam]: In quibuscumque locis sunt fratres.

10[Unde regula prius sic habuit]: Omnes fratres in quibuscumque locis apud alios steterint, non sint camerarii neque cancellarii neque praesint in domibus eorum quibus serviunt, neque recipiant aliquod officium quod scandalum generet vel animae suae detrimentum faciat, sed sint minores et subditi omnibus qui in eisdem domibus sunt.

11[Unde in regula prius dicebatur]: Fratres qui sciunt laborare laborent. Et eam artem exerceant quam noverunt si non fuerit contra salutem animae suae.

12[Et post pauca]: Unusquisque in ea arte et officio in quo vocatus est permaneat secundum dispensationem ministri.

13[Unde ante bullam in regula sic ponebat]: Servi Dei semper orationi vel alicui bonae operationi insistere debent.

14[Et ante bullam, haec in regula verba erant]: Caveant sibi fratres quod nullum locum vel aliquam rem sibi approprient vel alicui defendant. Et quicumque ad eos amicus vel adversarius cum ipsis modo aliquo non contendant.

15[Et iterum]: Ubicumque sunt fratres et in quocumque loco se invenerint spiritualiter et diligenter debeant se videre et honorare ad invicem sine murmuratione. Et caveant sibi fratres quod non ostendant se tristes extrinsecus et nubilosos hypocritas, sed ostendant se gaudentes in Domino et hilares et iocundos et convenienter gratiosos.

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 1, p. 93