Fragments - 91 

and bless, give thanks and adore the Lord God Almighty in Trinity and in Unity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, the Creator of all. 60Do penance, performing fitting fruits of penance because YOU KNOW THAT we shall soon die. 61Give and it will be given to you. 62Forgive and you will be forgiven. 63If you do not forgive people their sins, the Lord will not forgive you yours. Confess all your sins. 64Blessed are those who die in penance, for they shall be in the kingdom of heaven. 65Woe to those who do not die in penance, for they shall be children of the devil whose works they do and they shall go into everlasting fire. 66Beware of and abstain from every evil and persevere till the end in good.

67Let the brothers, wherever they may be, either in hermitages or other places, be careful not to make any place their own OR CONTEND WITH ANYONE FOR IT. 68Whoever comes to them, friend or foe, thief or robber, let them in no way contend with him. 69Wherever the brothers may be and in whatever [place they may meet, they should see one another anew, spiritually and attentively, and honor one another without complaining. 1 Pt 4:9 70Let them be careful not to appear outwardly as sad and gloomy hypocrites; but let them show themselves joyful, cheerful] and consistently gracious in the Lord. Phil 4:4 a

71I beg the sick brother to thank God for everything and to desire to be whatever the Lord wills, whether sick or well, because God teaches all those He has destined for eternal life Acts 13:48 “by the torments of punishments,” sicknesses, “and the spirit of sorrow,” as the Lord says: Those whom I love. ET CETERA.

72THEREFORE I BEG ALL MY SICK BROTHERS not to be disturbed or angry in their infirmities at either God or their brothers, or perhaps anxiously and forcefully seek medicine with too much of a desire to free the flesh that is soon to die and is an enemy of the soul.

73Let all the brothers strive to follow the humility and poverty of our Lord Jesus Christ and remember that we should have nothing else in the whole world except, as the Apostle says: having food and clothing, we are content with these. 1 Tm 6:8 74They must rejoice when they live among people considered of little value and looked down upon, among the poor and the powerless, the sick and the lepers, and the beggars by the wayside. 75When it is necessary, let them go for alms. 76Let them not be ashamed and remember, moreover, that our Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of the all powerful living God, set His face like flint and was not ashamed.




Fragmenta alterius regulae non bullatae, Fontes Franciscani, p. 128-130

59Timete et honorate, laudate et benedicite, gratias agite et adorate Dominum Deum nostrum, omnipotentem in Trinitate et Unitate, Patrem et Filium et Spiritum Sanctum, creatorem, omnium. 60Agite poenitentiam et facite dignos fructus poenitentiae, quia scitote quod cito moriemur. 61Date et dabitur vobis. 62Dimittite et dimittetur vobis. 63Et si non dimiseritis, Dominus non dimittet vobis peccata vestra; confitemini omnia peccata vestra. 64Beati qui moriuntur in poenitentia, quia erunt in regno caelorum. 65Vae illis qui non moriuntur in poenitentia, quia erunt filii diaboli i, cuius opera faciunt et ibunt in ignem aeternum . 66Cavete et abstinete ab omni malo et perseverate usque in finem in bono.

67Caveant omnes fratres, ubicumque fuerint, in eremis vel aliis locis, quod nullum locum vel aliquam rem sibi approprient nec alicui defendant. 68Et quicumque ad eos venerit amicus vel adversarius cum ipsis aliquo modo non contendant. 69Et ubicumque sint fratres et in quocumque [loco se invenerint, spiritualiter et diligenter debeant se revidere et honorare ad invicem sine murmuratione. 70Et caveant sibi, quod non ostendant se tristes, extrinsecus nubilo]sos et [hypocritas; sed ostendant se gaudentes in Domino et hilares] et iocundos et convenienter gratiosos.

71Rogo quemlibet fratrem infirmum, ut referendo de omnibus gratias Creatori qualem vult eum Deus talem se esse desideret sive sanum sive infirmum, quia omnes, quos Dominus praeordinavit ad vitam aeternam, flagellorum atque infirmitatum stimulis atque compunctionis spiritu erudit; sicut: Ego quos amo ET CETERA.

72Unde rogo omnes fratres meos infirmos, ut in eorum infirmitatibus non irascantur nec conturbentur contra Deum aut contra fratres, nec multum sollicite medicinas neque nimis desiderent liberare carnem cito morituram, quae est animae moritura inimica.

73Omnes fratres studeant sequi humilitatem et paupertatem Domini nostri Jesu Christi et recordentur, quod nihil aliud oportet nos habere de toto mundo, nisi, sicut dicit apostolus, habentes [alimenta] et vestes quibus tegamur his contenti simus. 74Et debent gaudere, quando conversantur inter viles et despectas personas, inter pauperes et debiles et infirmos et leprosos et iuxta viam mendicantes. 75Et cum necesse fuerit, vadant pro eleemosynis. 76Et non verecundentur, quia Dominus noster Jesus Christus, Filius Dei vivi omnipotentis, posuit faciem suam ut petram durissimam nec verecundatus est.

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 1, p. 91