Fragments - 90 

44not to glory or delight in themselves or inwardly exalt themselves in the good words and deeds or, for that matter, in any good that God says or does or at times works in and through them, in keeping with what the Lord says: Do not rejoice because the spirits are subject to you, Lk 10:20 ET CETERA.

45Wemay know with certainty that nothing belongs to us except our vices and sins. 46We must rejoice, instead, when we fall into various trials Jas 1:2 and, in this world, suffer every kind of anguish or distress of soul and body for the sake of eternal life.

47Let all the brothers, therefore, beware of all pride and vainglory. Let us guard ourselves from the wisdom of this world and the prudence of the flesh. Rom 8:6 48Because the spirit of the flesh very much wants and strives to have the words but cares little for the manner of working; it does not seek a religion and holiness in an interior spirit, 49but wants and desires to have a religion and holiness outwardly apparent to people. 50They are the ones of whom the Lord says: Amen, I say to you, they have received their reward. Mt 6:2 51The Spirit of the Lord, however, wants the flesh to be mortified and despised, considered of little worth, rejected and insulted. 52It strives for humility and patience, PURE SIMPLICITY and true peace of the spirit. 53Above all, it desires the divine fear, the divine wisdom and the divine love of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

54Let us refer all good to the Lord, God Almighty and Most High, acknowledge that every good is His, and thank Him “from Whom all good comes for everything.” Rom 1:25 55May He, the Almighty and Most High, the only true God, have, be given, and receive all honor and respect, all praise and blessing, all thanks and glory, to Whom all good belongs, He Who alone is good.

56When we see or hear evil spoken or done or God blasphemed, let us speak well and do well and praise THELORDWhois blessed forever.

57Let us consider all clerics and religious as our lords in all that pertains to the salvation of our soul and does not deviate from MY religion, and let us respect their order, office, and administration in the Lord.a


58Whenever it pleases them, all my brothers, INASMUCH AS GOD INSPIRES THEM, can announce this or similar exhortations and praise among all peoples with the blessing of God: 59Fear and honor, praise and bless, ...




Fragmenta alterius regulae non bullatae, Fontes Franciscani, p. 127-129

44non gloriari, in se gaudere neque interius se exaltare de bonis verbis et operibus, immo de nullo bono, quod Deus facit vel dicit vel operatur in eis quandoque et per ipsos, secundum quod dicit Dominus: Verumtamen in hoc nolite gaudere, quod vobis spiritus subiciuntur, ET CETERA.

45Et firmiter sciamus, quod non pertinet ad nos nisi vitia et peccata; 46sed magis debemus gaudere, cum in tentationes varias inciderimus et cum sustinuerimus quascumque animae et corporis angustias et tribulationes in hoc mundo propter vitam aeternam.

47Omnes ergo fratres caveamus a superbia et vana gloria; custodiamus nos multum a sapientia huius mundi et prudentia carnis. 48Spiritus enim carnis vult et studet multum ad verba habenda, sed parum ad operationem; 49et quaerit non religionem et sanctitatem spiritus, sed vult et desiderat religionem et sanctitatem foris apparentem hominibus. 50Et isti sunt, de quibus dicit Dominus: Amen dico vobis, receperunt mercedem suam. 51Spiritus autem Domini vult mortificationem et despectam, vilem et abiectam et opprobriosam esse carnem. 52Et studet ad humilitatem et patientiam, puram simplicitatem et veram pacem spiritus. 53Et super omnia desiderat divinum timorem et divinam sapientiam et divinum amorem Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti.

54Et omnia bona Domino Deo altissimo et summo reddamus et omnia bona ipsius esse recognoscamus. 55Et ipse accipiat omnes honores et reverentias, omnes laudes et benedictiones, omnes gratias et glorias, cuius est omne bonum, qui solus est bonus.

56Et quando audimus homines malum dicere vel blasphemare Dominum, nos bene faciamus et benedicamus et laudemus Dominum, qui,est benedictus in saecula.

57Omnes clericos et religiosos habeamus pro dominis in his quae spectant ad salutem animae, et a mea religione non deviaverint; et ordinem et administrationem eorum in Domino veneremur et officium.


58Hanc vel talem exhortationem vel laudem possunt omnes fratres quantumcumque inspiraverit eis Deus annuntiare inter quoscumque homines cum benedictione Dei et licentia sui ministri: 59Timete et honorate, laudate et benedicite, ...

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 1, p. 90