Exhortations to the Clergy - 54 

Later Edition

1Let all of us, clergymen, consider the great sin and the ignorance some have toward the most holy Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ and His most holy names and written words that consecrate His Body. 2Weknow It cannot be His Body without first being consecrated by word. 3For we have and see nothing corporally of the Most High in this world except [His] Body and Blood, [His] names and words through which we have been made and redeemed from death to life. 1 Jn 3:14

4Let all those who administer such most holy ministries, however, especially those who administer them without discernment, consider how very dirty the chalices, corporals and altar-linens are upon which the Body and Blood of our Lord are sacrificed. 5It is left in many dirty places, carried about unbecomingly, received unworthily, and administered to others without discernment. 6Even His names and written words are at times left to be trampled under foot; 7for the carnal person does not perceive the things of God. 1 Cor 2:14

8Are we not moved by piety at these things when the pious Lord offers Himself into our hands and we touch Him and receive Him daily with our mouth? 9Do we refuse to recognize that we must come into His hands? 10Let us, therefore, amend our ways quickly and firmly in these and all other matters. 11Wherever the most holy Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ has been illicitly placed and left, let It be moved from there, placed in a precious place and locked up. 12Likewise, wherever the names and written words of the Lord may be found in unclean places, let them be gathered up and placed in a becoming place.

13We know that we are bound to observe above all else all of these matters according to the precepts of the Lord and the constitutions of holy mother Church.




Epistola ad clericos, Fontes Franciscani, p. 60-61

Recensio posterior

1Attendamus, omnes clerici, magnum peccatum et ignorantiam, quam quidam habent super sanctissimum corpus et sanguinem Domini nostri Jesu Christi et sacratissima nomina et verba eius scripta, quae sanctificant corpus. 2Scimus, quia non potest esse corpus, nisi prius sanctificetur a verbo. 3Nihil enim habemus et videmus corporaliter in hoc saeculo de ipso Altissimo, nisi corpus et sanguinem, nomina et verba, per quae facti sumus et redempti de morte ad vitam.

4Omnes autem illi qui ministrant tam sanctissima m i n i s t e r i a , considerent intra se, maxime hi qui i n d i s c r e t e ministrant, quam viles sint calices, c o r p o r a l i a et linteamina, ubi sacrificatur corpus et sanguis D o m i n i n o s t r i . 5Et a multis in locis vilibus relinquitur, miserabiliter portatur et indigne sumitur et indiscrete aliis ministratur. 6Nomina etiam et verba eius scripta aliquando pedibus conculcantur; 7quia animalis homo non percipit ea quae Dei sunt.

8Non movemur de his omnibus pietate, cum ipse pius Dominus in manibus nostris se praebeat et eum tractemus et sumamus quotidie per os nostrum? 9An ignoramus, quia d e b e m u s v e n i r e in manus eius? 10Igitur de his omnibus et aliis cito et firmiter emendemus; 11et ubicumque fuerit sanctissimum corpus Domini nostri Jesu Christi illicite collocatum et relictum, removeatur de loco illo et in loco pretioso ponatur et consignetur. 12Similiter nomina et verba Domini scripta, ubicumque inveniantur in locis immundis, colligantur et in loco honesto debeant collocari.

13E t s c i m u s , q u i a h a e c o m n i a t e n e m u r super omnia observare s e c u n d u m p r a e c e p t a D o m i n i e t c o n s t i t u t i o n e s s a n c t a e M a t r i s E c c l e s i a e.

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 1, p. 54