The Versified Life of Saint Francis  - 518 

Bore five wounds in the image of Christ in his dying?
On many, to be sure, was the Lord's death laden; in him

25It was bred in the bone. Many were forced to carry the cross;
He bore it so in his soul, cherished it in his heart,
So eagerly made it his own, that what was revealed
And printed on his very flesh was a deep secret of soul.
People convene, as do the brothers hasten out of all parts

30To their father's laying to rest. And he is buried
In Assisi, in the church called Saint George:a
There he is honored with a tomb of pure stone.b
At his sacred tombc time and again are lepers
Cleansed, the sick recover, dead bodies arise, Mt 11:5

35Shaking paralysis from many departs, as do
The swelling of dropsy and the flaring fever,
Lethargy's cramping cold epileptical shiver.
The blind and the lame and the deaf and the mute
Lie down at his grave. There it is normal for blind

40To see cripples leap, for deaf to hear dumb people speak.
Pope Gregory the Ninth hears tell of these wonders,
And witnesses prove what he hears, as repute acclaims
What is proven. •To Assisi he comes with his purpled
Brethren,d and there are not enough rooms for the crowds

45That foregather; the very fields can't contain such
Thousands of folk. There are nobles and counts there
And dukes, and even royalty takes its place. Dense
Is the throng of abbots and pontiffs: every rank
In the Church flocks to that head whom the clergy admire,

50Gregory, that is, as he pours out the wine of his heaven-born words.
He took for his theme: As the star of morning gives forth
Splendor in the midst of a cloud, as a full moon




Legenda Sancti Francisci Versificata, Fontes Franciscani, p.

Vulnera quinque tulit morientis imagine Christi?
Mors equidem Domini multis illata, sed isti
Est innata; crucem multi subiere coacti:

25Iste crucem sic mente tulit, sic pectore fovit,
Sic studiis coluit, ut et ipsa charactere carnis
Se manifestarent animi secreta profundi.
Conveniunt populi, coneurrunt undique fratres
Patris ad exsequias, et in ecclesia sepelitur

30Assisii, Sanctus quae dicta Georgius exstat:
Puro de lapide fit honorifice sibi tumba.
Ad sacrum cuius tumulum leprosa frequenter
Mundantur, morbosa vigent, defuncta resurgunt
Corpora; paralysis tremor in plerisque resilit,

35Hydropisisque tumor, febrisque extraneus ardor,
Lethargi pigra frigiditas, epilepticus horror.
Huic caeci, claudi, surdi, mutique sepulcro
Accumbunt: caecis mos est ibi cernere claudos
Saltantes, surdis mutos audire loquentes.

40Haec fieri Nonus dum papa Gregorius audit,
Et testes audita probant, et fama probatis
Acclamat, petit Assisium cum fratribus, et sunt
Undique collectis insufficientia turbis
Atria, vix ipsi capiunt tot milia campi.

45Adsunt et proceres comitesque ducesque, nec ipsa
Maiestas regalis abest, examine denso
Abbates et pontifices, et quilibet ordo
Ecclesiae stipant caput admirabile cleri
Gregorium verbi caelestis vina pluentem.

50Cuius thema fuit: Quasi matutina nitorem
Stella dat in medio nebulae, quasi luna diebus
Plena suis, quasi sol splendens, sic iste refulsit

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 1, p. 518