The Versified Life of Saint Francis  - 511 

80And in the eye's sevenfold skin the fluid is infected.
He is in pain worse than one might credit
A man could feel; he bears in patience all the weariness
Of his bodily frame. And lest he seem not to bear with
A divinely sent affliction, he refuses to call in doctors.

85But moved with the greatest compassion for him, Brother Eliasa
Presses him with many reasons to receive medical aid
For his bodily ills, proving from Solomon that for the sake
Of our mortal race, lest there be on earth no easement
Of pain, the Most High himself it was that created Sir 38:1

90The art of healing, as well as curative herbs.
Coaxed by the good words of Friar Elias
He permits the doctors to come.b But all of them fail to bring
Any improvement. Not alone can a malady attaching to healthy
Roots not be removed by plasters, but in fact

95It rages at anything adverse and rebounds
At the touch of an obstacle, like flame hid in a fresh sconce,
As it tastes liquids poured in, flaring up all the more
Briskly, leaps forth and blots out lights with a sudden puff of smoke.
Seeing that plasters did him no good, but that the very cures

100Only made him worse, he yields to his comrades who urge him
To go to Rieti. There an excellent physician was supposed
To be found; for him there sets out a sick man
Wanting healing, who himself had healed so many sick people.




Legenda Sancti Francisci Versificata, Fontes Franciscani, p.

80Prurit, et inficitur tunicae septemplicis humor.
Ille dolens, ultra quam posset credere quisquis
Non sentiret idem, patienter sustinet omnem
Corporis accidiam: divinaque ne videatur
Nolle flagella pati, medicos adhibere recusat.

85Sed vehementer ei compassus frater Helias
Multis persuadet rationibus, ut medicinam
Corporis acceptet, concludens per Salomonem
Quod propter mortale genus, ne nulla dolorum
In terris fomenta forent, Altissimus artem

90Ipse salutiferam, medicasque creaverit herbas.
Vocibus ille piis inductus fratris Heliae
Permittit medicos accedere qui nihil omnes
Proficiunt, validisque malum radicibus haerens
Non solum nequeunt emplastra repellere, verum

95Obiectu quocumque furit sensuque resultat
Oppositi, ceu flamma latens in calce recenti,
Sentit ut infusos latices, vehementius ardens
Exsilit et subito perturbat lumina fumo.
Nulla videns emplastra sibi prodesse, sed ipsis

100Deterior curis effectus, adire Reatum
Cogitur a sociis, ubi dicebatur haberi
Physicus excellens, ad quem proficiscitur aeger
Sanari cupiens, qui tot sanaverat aegros.

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 1, p. 511