The Versified Life of Saint Francis  - 510 

Seraph. So does Jesus' passion remain implanted in his heart,
So imprinted right through the marrow of his soul,
That it cannot be hid, but must flood outwardly

55And mark its likeness on his partnered flesh,
Becoming visible, as it were, through transparent limbs.
The five wounds of the Redeemer appear impressed
In their separate places: •Hard to believe a lance
Did not pierce that very side; and there to be seen

60On hands and feet are nails, raised up over the flesh,
And the appropriate scars shown by their special marks.
For closely fitted to the pattern of the Lord's deatha
Is flesh of his, altogether subject to soul's command,
Laboring without eating, threshing with muzzled mouth; 1 Cor 9:9

65Scarred by hair-shirts, crushed by hard work, eaten
By little worms,b petrified by cold, melted by heat,
Emaciated by hunger. At length after so much combat,
Wasted by so many woes, he feels the advance of divers
Diseases, and knows his spent vigor has lost its resistance.

70Those jewels that adorn the brow, those windows of the soul,
Are shut off by cloud, distressed by a misty veil,
That is to say, an unbearable pain grieves the optic nerve.c
A fluid reddens the pupils,d and thickened eyelids derange
The vision, and irritation distorts the eye's keenness.

75The very pain invites the hands, and scratching fingers
Undo the relief they bring; for noxious is that touching
And it is even aggravating to the existing harm.
Visual power by this is weakened, and as it begins to be
Often done, the inner core of the eyelids itch,




Legenda Sancti Francisci Versificata, Fontes Franciscani, p.

Passio namque Iesu sic permanet insita cordi
Eius, sic animae totis impressa medullis,
Ut minus abscondi queat, exteriusque redundet,

55Annexamque sui consignet imagine carnem,
Et veluti per diaphanos transpareat artus.
Quinque Redemptoris in eo quasi vulnera certis
Apparent impressa locis: vix lancea posset
Non credi fodisse latus, manibusque videres

60Et pedibus clavos ex ipsa carne subortos,
Et signata suis referuntur idonea signis.
Mortis enim Domini caro complantata e figurae
Imperiis animae penitus subiecta laborans,
Et non manducans, triturans ore Iigato,

65Saucia ciliciis, attrita laboribus, esa
Vermiculis, constricta gelu, resoluta calore,
Extenuata fame, post tot certamina tandem
Tot confecta malis, varios insurgere morbos
Sentit, et exhaustas non posse resistere vires.

70Frontis et insignes gemmas animaeque fenestras
Obturant nubes, perturbant nubila, nervum
Scilicet opticum dolor intollerabilis angit;
Cacochymis pupilla rubet densataque visum
Palpebra deformat, aciesque molestia torquet.

75Invitat dolor ipse manus, digitique medelam
Dum praebent, adimunt; est namque venenifer ille
Tactus, et intendens etiam nocumenta iuvando.
Hoc etenim virtus visiva remittitur, ex quo
Incipit esse frequens, palpebrarumque medulla

80Prurit, et inficitur tunicae septemplicis humor.

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 1, p. 510