The Versified Life of Saint Francis  - 484 

And two fish and the portions (leaving Euclid bewildered)a
Exceeded the whole, while with the fragments
Left over one and twelve baskets they filled,b none of which

60Would be full with only two fish and five loaves;
So thanks to this same divine work of his
The store of his servant shared among many
Was never used up, and still more was left over.
Already the winds are checked, their quarrels are silent,

65Clouds roll away,c mists abate, all gloom dissolves.
A fairer sky for mariners now, and clearer air;
Surer their sailing, easier steering, on a friendly level sea.
The sheets swell to the breeze over placid waters, and quicker
Than thought, the ship comes to rest as they land in the port

70Of Ancona. To touch land was joy to the tempest-tossed, long
Gripped by fear. Rescue from storm and starvation they ascribe
To the merits of Francis; their thoughts and their words
Do him honor as guardian and savior of lives, Prv 16:7d as they avow
That through him they came safe through all that befell.

75The whole city is alive with the fair name of Francis:
Just to look on the face of this world-famous worker Jn 20:30
Of wonders, just to hear him speak, the citizens gather.e
Many of them he arms and enlists to follow his banner.
Still, that popular love, or the comforting company

80Of brothers, or yet sweet love of country,f can't banish his wish
For martyrdom, with which all his devotion flares like a fire.
Ready to cross to Morocco, he takes to the road. The God
Of power, while lauding his move, blocks his first mighty stride.
He who'd made him sure guide to many, halts his dead-end trip

85With a useful fever: although he is peeved he forces him




Legenda Sancti Francisci Versificata, Fontes Franciscani, p.

Apponens piscesque duos, partesque, stupente
Geometra, totis maiores esse probaret,
Dum tredecim sportas replerunt fragmina, nullam

60Vero duo pisces et panes quinque replessent;
Sic facit eiusdem divino gratia signo,
Ut multis divisa sui substantia servi
Inconsuraptibilis maneat maiorque supersit.
Iam compressa silent ventorum iurgia, nubes

65Praetereunt, nebulae subsidunt, nubila cedunt;
Prosperior nautis datur aura, serenior aër,
Certior ars, levius moderamen, amicius aequor;
Vela tument, mare detumuit, citiusque putato
Anconae portus infixa nave tenentur.

70Gaudent appulsi terris quos longa procella
Terruerat, victusque breves et utramque salutem
Francisci meritis ascribunt. Hunc animarum
Custodem recolunt servatoremque fatentur;
Seque recognoscunt per eum subsistere salvos.

75Crebrescit totam Francisci fama per urbem:
Visuri faciem facientis signa per orbem
Conveniunt cives auditurique loquentem,
E quibus ipse suis multos insignibus armat.
Sed nec amor populi, nec consolatio fratrum,

80Nec dulcor patriae facit evanescere votum
Martyrii, quo tota flagrat devotio mentis.
Marrochium transire parans, iter arripit; ingens
Impedit inceptum, licet approbet, et quia multis
Rectorem providit eum, ferale.salubri

85Febre retardat iter, indignantemque reverti

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 1, p. 484