The Versified Life of Saint Francis  - 464 

His ranks. In all-out pleading,a the prayer he makes pierces
The heavens, and his simple soul gazes on God present to him.

135As his keen-edged soul remains thus fixed, the Holy Spirit pours
Light in him, and he sees and hears, as though beside him,
The unnumbered brothers that are to come from every race.b
Bearing the arms of Francis, they all call him master and guide,
And confess him as their liege lord and their father.

140In the gladness of the vision Acts 10:10 of so huge a cohort, he comes back
From the trance, and to the brothers of here and now gives careful
Account of how he saw brothers of prefigurement behind his standard
And, others yet that were to follow. So many will make
Profession in his holy Order, that no part of the world

145Will be without them.
Gladc are the lips of the gentled father as he tells these things.
A certain close connection of soul in him still clings
To the images of the vision, and he senses the various shapes
Returning, and his ears ring 1 Kgs 3:11 to the loud sound of their marching.

150As against thinking this was all a dream, he forgets not ideas
Impressed upon two of his senses; rather is allowance still made
Concerning the sense called common.e
Greater joyf than they usually have fills the hearts of the Minors:
They rejoice in their present father, rejoice in their future brothers.

155But lest they'd think forecasting the future means it's arrived, Gn 41:11
Many predictions of future events does he lay out before them,
And these deep thoughts on their destiny does he announce to them:
'At first, my little sons, fruit that is very sweet is put before us,
Then a kind that is less sweet, and last of all the sour.




Legenda Sancti Francisci Versificata, Fontes Franciscani, p.

Tot Furias et monstra viros, sibi caelitus optans
Ostendi dux ille sacer pluresne sequaces
Esset adepturus, in verba precantia totus

155Exit et expletur penetrans oratio caelos
Praesentenique Deum directa mente tuetur.
In quo dum mentis acies defixa moratur,
Sanctus ei lumen infundit Spiritus, in quo
Innumeros fratres ex omni gente futuros

160Tamquam praesentes videt exsistenter et audit.
Omnes Francisci gestantes arma, magistrum
Rectoremque vocant, patrem dominumque fatentur.
Laetus in aspectu talis tantaeque cohortis,
Mentis ab excessul redit ad se sensilibu sque

165Fratribus enarrat seriatim, quomodo fratres
Viderit archetypos ipsius signa sequentes,
Immo secuturos: tot enim sacer eius habebit
Ordo professores, pars mundi nulla vacabit.
Talia mansuetus blando pater ore profatur,

170Cuius adhuc animae quaedam complexio visis
Haeret imaginibus, variasque recurrere formas
Sentit et auditis tinnire tumultibus auresu.
Neve putetur idem sopor esse, duobus ideas
Sensibus impressas non obliviscitur; immo

175Circa communem fit adhuc mutatio sensum.
Gaudia concipiunt solito maior & Minores,
Quos pater exhilarat praesens fratresque futuri.
Neve futura profans id adinvenisse putetur,
Multa futurarum de se praesagia rerum

180Pandit et haec iterum praenuntiat abdita fati:
" Poma prius nobis praedulcia, deinde remisse
Dulcia, filioli, demum ponentur amara.

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 1, p. 464