Sacred Exchange between St. Francis & Lady Poverty - 548 

to my miseries. They despise me, run far from me, and are not afraid to spit in my face. I suffer abuse and frightening things from them. Those who used to be my friends and stood at my side Jer 20:10 insulted me. They were ashamed of me and the more they knew themselves to be enriched by my kindness, the more strongly they spurned me. And so they even felt contempt at hearing my name.

Poverty Warns Them to Return to Her

51"In grief, I was sorry and said to them: 'Return, you children who are withdrawing, and I will heal your aversions. Jer 3:22 Beware of all greed Lk 12:15 which is the service of idols, Eph 5:5 for the greedy will not be filled with money. Eccl 5:9 Remember those first days when you, enlightened as you were, endured a great struggle of sufferings. Heb 10:32 Do not become children of a withdrawal into perdition but of faith in the salvation of your soul. Heb 10:39 Whoever violates the law of Moses without mercy of any kind will die before two or three witnesses. How much greater do you think will be the punishment of one who has trodden the Son of God underfoot and let the blood of the Testament in which he was made holy to be degraded, and affronted the spirit of grace? Return to your heart, therefore, you transgressors, Is 46:8 for one's life does not depend in the abundance of the things he possesses.' Lk 12:15

"But becoming angry they said: 'Go away, depart from us, you wretched one! We do not want knowledge of your ways.' Jb 21:14

"I said to them: 'Have mercy on me, have mercy on me, at least you, my friends. Why are you persecuting me without reason? Did I ever tell you that my ways and yours would ever agree? Look, it pains me to have seen you.'

The Lord Speaks to Poverty

52"Then the word of the Lord came to me: Jer 13:1 'Return, return, Sulamite, return, return that we might behold you. Sg 7:1 These children are instigators and do not wish to hear you because they do not wish to hear me. Their heart has become incredulous and irritating to them. They have departed and gone away, for they have not rejected you, but me. Jer 5:23 In fact, you have taught them against your own interest and have instructed them against your own good. If they hadn't accepted you, they




Sacrum commercium sancti Francisci cum domina Paupertate, Fontes Franciscani, p.

ad meas miserias devoluti sunt, abominantur me et fugiunt longe a me, et faciem meam conspuere non verentur. 6Contumelias et terrores passa sum ab eis, et qui erant pacifici mei et custodientes latus meum insultabant mihi. 7Verecundabantur de me et tanto magis abiciebant me quanto meo beneficio ditatos se fore sciebant, ita ut nomen meum dedignarentur audire".

Capitulum 25 Paupertas monet eos ad se redire.

1"Dolens dolebam ego et dicebam ad eos: "Revertimini, filii recedentes, et sanabo aversiones vestras. Cavete ab omni avaritia que est idolorum servitus, quoniam avarus non implebitur pecunia. 2Memoramini pristinos dies, in quibus illuminati magnum certamen sustinuistis passionum. Nolite fieri subtractionis filii in perditionem, sed fidei in acquisitionem anime. 3Irritam quis faciens legem Moysi sine ulla miseratione duobus vel tribus testibus moritur. 4Quanto magis putatis deteriora mereri supplicia qui Filium Dei conculcaverit et sanguinem Testamenti pollutum duxerit in quo sanctificatus est, et spiritui gratie contumeliam fecerit? 5Redite ergo, prevaricatores, ad cor, quia non in abundantia cuiusquam vita est, ex iis que possidet."

6At ipsi indignantes dicebant: "Vade, o misera, recede a nobis; scientiam viarum tuarum nolumus."

7Et aio ad eos: 'Miseremini mei, miseremini mei, saltem vos, amici mei. Quare persequimini me sine causa? 8Numquid non dixi vobis quia mei ac vestri mores non convenirent? En penitet me vidisse vos.'"

Capitulum 26 Dominus loquitur ad Paupertatem.

1"Et factus est sermo Domini ad me, dicens: "Revertere, revertere, Sunamitis, revertere, revertere ut intueamur te. Ipsi filii irritatores sunt et nolunt audire te, quia nolunt audire me. 2Factum est eis cor incredulum et exasperans: recesserunt et abierunt; non enim abiecerunt te, sed me. 3Tu enim hos docuisti adversus te et erudisti eos in caput tuum, quia nisi te assumpsissent, numquam sic ditati fuissent.

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 1, p. 548