Sacred Exchange between St. Francis & Lady Poverty - 532 

me.' Sg 1:5 And we said to her: 'Be patient, Mt 18:26 for the upright love you.' Sg 1:3a

10"Brother, she has now gone up to a great and high mountain where God has placed Rv 21:10 her. She is dwelling in the sacred mountains Mt 28:16 because God loved her above all the tabernacles of Jacob. Giants have not been able to touch the footprints of her steps Est 13:13 and eagles cannot fly even to her shoulder. Poverty is the only thing that everyone condemns so that it cannot be discovered in the land of those living comfortably. She is hidden from their eyes, then, and concealed from the birds of the sky. Jb 28:21 God understands her path and He knows her place. Jb 28:23b

11"If, then, you wish to reach her, brother, take off your clothes of rejoicing, Jdt 10:3 and put aside every burden and sin clinging to Heb 12:1 you for, unless you are naked, you will not be able to climb to her who lives in so high a place. Yet, because she is kind, 1 Cor 13:4 she will easily be seen by those who love her and be found by those who search for her. Wis 6:13 To think about her, brother, is perfect understanding, and whoever keeps vigil for her will quickly be secure. Wis 6:16 Take faithful companions so that during the mountain's ascent you will have their advice and be strengthened by their help. For woe to the one who is alone! If he falls, he will have no one to lift him up. For if anyone falls, he should have someone help him!" Eccl 4:10

Blessed Francis Encourages His Brothers

12After receiving the advice of such men, then, blessed Francis came and chose some faithful companions for himself with whom he hurried to the mountain. He said to his brothers: "Come, let us climb the mountain of the Lord and the dwelling of Lady Poverty that she might teach us her ways and we might walk in her paths." Is 2:3 Mi 4:2

Because of its great height and difficulty, they studied the ascent of the mountain from every angle. Some of them said to one another: "Who can climb this mountain Ps 24:3 [Vulgate, Ps 23:3] and who can reach its summit?"

13Blessed Francis understood this and said to them: "The road is difficult, brothers, and the gate that leads to it is narrow. There are few




Sacrum commercium sancti Francisci cum domina Paupertate, Fontes Franciscani, p.

'Filii matris mee pugnaverunt contra me.' 5Et nos dicebamus ad eam: "Patientiam habe, quia recti diligunt te."

6Et nunc, o frater, ascendit in montem magnum et altum, ubi constituit ei Deus; habitat in montibus sanctis, quia diligit eam Deus super omnia tabernacula Iacob. 7Gigantes non potuerunt attingere vestigia pedum eius, et aquile non volaverunt usque ad collum eius. 8Paupertas est res singularis, quam omnis homo contemnit, eo quod non invenitur in terra suaviter viventium; 9propterea abscondita est ab oculis eorum et volucres celi latet; Deus intelligit viam eius et locum eius ipse novit.

10Si tu ergo, frater, vis pervenire ad eam, exue te vestibus iucunditatis tue et depone omne pondus et circumstans te peccatum quia, nisi nudus fueris, non poteris ad eam ascendere, que in tanta se collegit altitudine. 11Sed, quia benigna est, facile videtur ab iis qui diligunt eam, et invenitur ab iis qui querunt illam. 12Cogitare de illa, frater, sensus est consummatus, et qui vigilaverit propter illam, cito erit securus. 13Assume socios fideles, ut in montis ascensu ipsorum utaris consilio et auxilio fulciaris, quia ve soli! 14Si ceciderit, non habet sublevantem; si unus ceciderit, ab altero fulcietur."

Capitulum 3 Beatus Franciscus hortatur fratres.

1Tantorum igitur habito consilio, beatus Franciscus venit et elegit quosdam socios sibi fideles, cum quibus properans devenit ad montem. 2Et dixit fratribus suis: "Venite, ascendamus ad montem Domini et ad domum domine Paupertatis, ut doceat nos vias suas et ambulemus in semitis eius".

3Cumque ex omni parte considerarent montis ascensum propter nimiam altitudinem et asperitatem eius, quidam eorum mutuo loquebantur dicentes: 4"Quis ascendet in montem istum et ad summitatem eius quis perveniet?"

5Quod intelligens, beatus Franciscus dixit eis: "Arta est via, fratres, et angusta porta que ducit ad vitam, et pauci sunt qui inveniunt eam.

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 1, p. 532