Sequences in Honor of Saint Francis - 357 

  1. Then from on high a hierarch
    Came down on low, the royal Monarch;
    Struck with fright was that patriarch
    By the sign on which he gazed.
  2. Bearing the marks of Christ the Lord,
    He on Francis those scars conferred,
    Who stayed the while, with grieving heart,
    Silent, by the Passion dazed.
  3. Thus was that holy body signed;
    To hand and foot were wounds consigned;
    Transfixed appeared the right-hand side,
    That all the while blood had dyed.
  4. Words exchanged, much the future hid
    Was clear; the saint could see amid
    So much the meaning of things said,
    By mystic breath of insight.
  5. Now awesome nails came into sight,
    Outside black-hued, flame-hued inside;
    Fierce piercing pain did him betide,
    As sharp points excruciate.
  6. No instruments of skill were used
    To carve out those limbs’ apertures;
    Nor were the dug out holes nature’s,
    Nor from mallet’s cruel weight.
  7. By the signs of the Cross you wore,
    Through which the world you triumphed over,
    Through which you quelled the carnal foe
    In a victory renowned,
  8. Let us, Francis, be safeguarded,
    Shield in hardship be afforded,
    So that we may be rewarded,
    In celestial glory crowned.
  9. Loving father, holy father,
    Devout people, with your succor,
    Companioned by throngs of brothers,
    May they gain their longed-for prize.
  10. Partners make in life supernal,
    Those who formed through your example;
    May the flock, your own Friars Minor,




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 1, p. 357