Sequences in Honor of Saint Francis - 355 

Caput Draconis [The Dragon’s Head]
(Author: Gregory IX)

  1. Last of the evil dragon’s heads,
    Holding aloft its vengeful sword,
    Against God’s people now stirred up
    The seventh of its savage wars.
  2. Against the skies it took its stand
    And strove mightily to drag down
    The greatest portion of the stars,
    To match the number of the damned.
  3. But yet, from Christ’s own side was sent
    A legate with a mission new,
    Upon whose holy body marked
    The ensign of the Cross was seen.
  4. Protected by the shield of faith,
    And helmeted with hope 1 Thes 5:8, he bore
    The sword of the Word, and for belt
    He was girded with chastity. 2 Kgs 1:8
  5. Francis, chieftain of great renown,
    Carried the regal banner forth,
    Assembled a council of war
    To move throughout the whole wide world
    Against the rifts the dragon wrought.
  6. He marshaled three full battle-lines
    Of soldiers readied for action,a
    To put to flight and rout that force
    And that threefold demonic band
    The dragon ever kept at strength. Rv 16:13
  7. On the King’s orders he hastened
    To those joys that last for ever;
    Saint Francis putting in his claim
    For his well-earned soldier’s wages.
  8. Bequeath to us, kindest Father,
    The grace our father had from You;
    So may the sons he fathered be
    Partakers of his glory too. Amen.




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 1, p. 355