Sequences in Honor of Saint Francis - 353 

Sequences in Honor of Saint Francis

Laetabundus [Fully Gladsome]
(Ascribed to Cardinal Thomas of Capua)

  1. Fully gladsomea
    To Francis let the chorus sing:
  2. He was fastened
    With nails new-made by True Love:
    O wondrous thing!
  3. Soul in body suffered pain,
    Now gleamed newly with pure light
    Sunbeam from star.
  4. He, of such new florescence,
    To the very birds had preached,
    Ever clear-toned.
  5. Just as it was taught by Christ,
    He held fast to poverty
    In equal form.
  6.  He did not wish his children
    Ever to possess those things
    That perish here.
  7. As he in heaven sings for joy,
    With more and more marvels glows
    This vale of ours.
  8. Eyes that were blind get new sight;
    A child’s tongue grew normally
    With added flesh.
  9. The mouths of the dumb are loosed;
    Many are to life restored;




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 1, p. 353