The Life of Saint Francis by Thomas of Celano - 307 

blessed Francis. The boy’s tongue had grown so that he could use it to speak; and he began to form words as if he had been talking all his life.

149 There was another boy, named Villa, who could neither speak nor walk. His mother made a wax image for him and carried it with great reverence to the resting place of the blessed father Francis. When she returned home, she found her son walking and talking.

There was a man in the diocese of Perugia who was unable to utter a word. His mouth was always open, and he gaped and gasped horribly, for his throat was swollen and inflamed. When he came to the place where the most holy body rested and started going down the steps to the tomb, he vomited much blood. And he was entirely cured and began to speak, opening and closing his mouth in a normal way.

150 A woman suffered great pains in her throat. Due to a violently feverish condition, her tongue stuck to her palate and withered. She could neither talk, nor eat, nor drink. Although poultices were applied and various medicines were tried, they gave her no relief from her illness. Finally she vowed herself to Saint Francis in her heart, since she could not speak. Suddenly there was a rattling noise and a small round stone came out of her throat; this she took in her hand and showed to everyone and soon she was entirely well.

In the town of Greccio there was a young man who had lost his speech and hearing and even his memory, so that he neither understood nor grasped anything. His parents had great faith in Saint Francis, and they vowed the boy to him with humble devotion. After they made this vow, through the favor of the most holy and glorious Father Francis, he was richly blessed with the use of all the faculties of which he had been deprived.

To the praise, glory and honor of Our Lord Jesus Christ, whose kingdom and empire remains firm and immovable forever and ever. Amen.



151 We have said a little about the miracles of our blessed father Francis, and have left out much, to inspire in those who wish to follow his footsteps 1 Pt 2:21 an eagerness to seek the grace of new blessings. Thus he, who so magnificently renewed the whole world by word and example,




Vita Prima, Fontes Franciscani, p. 421-423

laudes Deo et beato Francisco suppliciter retulerunt. 7Crevit lingua illius et conveniens facta est ad loquendum, et quasi omni tempore puer fuisset locutus, coepit verba formata proferre.

149 1Alius quoque puer nomine Villa, nec loqui poterat nec ambulare. 2Pro quo mater fidei voto ceream imaginem faciens, ad locum in quo beatus pater Franciscus requiescit magna cum reverentia deportavit. 3Quae domum regrediens, ambulantem reperit filium et loquentem.

4Homo quidam in episcopatu Perusii loquela et verbo privatus omnino, semper os ferens apertum, horribiliter oscitabat et anxiabatur.5Habebat enim guttur valde tumidum et inflatum.6Cumque pervenisset ad locum ubi requiescit sanctissimum corpus, et per gradus ad sepulcrum eius vellet attingere, sanguinem multum evomuit, et peroptime liberatus, coepit loqui et os claudere ac sicut expedit aperire.

150 1Mulier quaedam tam magnum dolorem in gutture patiebatur quod prae nimio ardore lingua palato adhaerens, arida facta est.2Non enim poterat loqui, non comedere, neque bibere, et emplastris appositis medicinisque adhibitis, nullam infirmitatis allevationem in his omnibus sentiebat.3Tandem in corde suo, quia loqui non poterat, devovit se sancto Francisco, et subito caro crepuit et de gula e gressus est lapillus unus rotundus, quem manu suscipiens et omnibus ostendens, mox exstitit liberata.

4In castro Graecii iuvenis quidam erat qui auditum perdiderat, memoriam et loquelam, nec erat intelligens vel sentiens quidquam.5Parentes autem eius, quia magnam fidem habebant in sancto Francisco, ei supplici devotione dictum iuvenem devoverunt, qui expleto voto, cunctis quibus carebat sensibus, affluenter sanctissimi et gloriosissimi patris Francisci gratia est ditatus.

6Ad laudem, gloriam et honorem Iesu Christi Domini Nostri, cuius regnum et imperium solidum et immobile perseverat per omnia saecula saeculorum. Amen.



151 1Diximus pauca de miraculis beatissimi patris nostri Francisci, et plura omisimus, relinquentes volentibus sequi vestigia eius, novae benedictionis gratiam studium exquirendi, ut qui verbo et exemplo, vita et doctrina mundum omnem gloriosissime innovavit,

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 1, p. 307