The Life of Saint Francis by Thomas of Celano - 305 

side that all hope of a cure had been given up by his physicians because the infection had spread so far.a So he asked his minister, under whose obedience he lived, for permission to visit the place where the body of the most blessed Father rested, for he was confident that he would obtain the favor of a cure through the merits of the Saint. But his minister forbade him to go for fear his condition would grow worse from the hardships of the journey, for it was the season of rain and snow. Since the brother felt badly about not receiving permission to go, the holy Father Francis one night stood by him. “My son,” he said, “do not worry about such things any more. Take off that fur you are wearing, remove that dressing and the bandages holding it, and keep your Rule; then you will be cured.b When he arose in the morning he did just as he was told, and gave thanks to God Acts 27:35 for his immediate cure

Chapter V

146 At San Severino in the March of Ancona there was a young man named Atto who was covered with leprosy; everyone was convinced he was a leper, for such was the opinion of the doctors. All his limbs were swollen and distended, and, since his blood vessels were protruding, he looked at everything with an unpleasant expression. He could not walk, but spent all his time in misery upon his sickbed, a cause of great sorrow and pain to his parents. His father, torn with unremitting grief, did not know what to do for him. Finally he felt in his heart that he should dedicate him completely to the blessed Francis. So he said to his son: “My son, do you want to vow yourself to Saint Francis, who is famous everywhere for his many miracles, that he may be pleased to deliver you from this suffering?” He answered: “Yes, I want to, father.” Immediately the father had them fetch a piece of paper and he took measurements of his son’s height and width. He then said: “Sit up, my son, and vow yourself to blessed Francis. When you are cured, you will take him a candle as large as you are every year as long as you live.” At his father’s bidding he sat up as best he could and, folding his hands, he humbly begged blessed Francis for mercy. After the measurements




Vita Prima, Fontes Franciscani, p. 418-420

in iliis vel in costis gravissimum morbum fistulae tolerabat, ita quod ab omni curatione medicorum, ob immensitatem morbi, iam fuerat desperatus. 2Petiit deinde a ministro suo, sub cuius obedientia morabatur, licentiam veniendi ad visitandum locum in quo corpus Patris beatissimi quiescebat, gerens fidem per ipsius sancti merita curationis suae se gratiam adepturum.3Minister vero ipsius eum venire prohibuit, dubitans propter nives et pluvias quae tunc temporis erant, ne maius ex itineris fatigatione incurreret detrimentum.4Cumque de non habita licentia frater ille aliquantulum turbaretur, nocte quadam sanctus pater Franciscus adstitit ei, dicens: « Fili, noli de huiusmodi de caetero anxiari, sed exue te pelliceo quo indueris, et emplastrum proice cum superposita ligatura, observaque regulam tuam et liberaberis ».5Qui mane surgens, iuxta praeceptum eius omnia fecit, et de subita liberatione gratias egit Deo.

De leprosis mundatis.

146 1Apud Sanctum Severinum in Marchia de Ancona iuvenis quidam erat, nomine Acto, qui totus lepra infectus exsistens, medicorum iudicio leprosus ab omnibus habebatur.2Omnia enim membra eius tumefacta et ingrossata erant, et extensione ac inflatione venarum inconvenienti aspectu cuncta cernebat.3Non poterat ambulare, sed in lecto aegritudinis miser assidue iacens, parentibus suis dolorem atque tristitiam ingerebat.4Pater vero ipsius, dolore nimio quotidie sauciatus, quid de ipso ageret nesciebat.5Tandem venit in cor suum, ut beato Francisco ipsum modis omnibus devoveret, et ait ad filium suum: « Vis te, fili, vovere sancto Francisco, qui multis ubique coruscat miraculis, ut ei placeat te ab hac aegritudine liberare? ». Qui respondens ait: « Volo, pater ».6Fecit statim pater eius apportari papyrum, et filii statura in longitudine ac grossitudine mensurata: « Erige te », inquit, « fili, et beato Francisco te devove, et liberatione tibi donata, candelam sibi tuae longitudinis singulis annis, dum vixeris, apportabis ».7Qui ad iussum patris utcumque se erigens, iunctis manibus, coepit beati Francisci misericordiam suppliciter invocare.8Suscepta itaque mensura papyri et completa oratione,

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 1, p. 305