The Life of Saint Francis by Thomas of Celano - 304 

tried all kinds of medicines, but none of these brought him any relief. One day while the priest was visiting, he made a vow to Saint Francis, asking to be restored to health. Soon after finishing his prayers to the Saint, he realized that he had been restored to health.

142 There was a woman in the city of Gubbio who lay paralyzed. After she invoked the name of blessed Francis three times, she was freed from her infirmity and cured.

A man by the name of Bontadoso suffered such agonizing pains in his feet and toes that he could not walk or bend over and could neither eat nor sleep. A woman visited him one day and suggested that he vow himself to the blessed Francis with all his heart, if he wished to find quick relief from his sufferings. But that man, beside himself with pain, cried: “I do not believe that he is a saint!” But the woman stubbornly insisted that he make the vow. He finally vowed himself in this way: “I vow myself to Saint Francis and I believe he is a saint, if he frees me from this illness in three days.” Through the merits of the Saint of God, he was soon cured, and was able to eat and sleep, giving glory to almighty God.

143 A man was seriously wounded in the head by a metal arrow that had gone through his eye socket and lodged in his head. He could get no relief from the doctors. So with humble devotion he vowed himself to the Saint of God, Francis, hoping to be helped by the Saint’s intercession. He then lay down to rest a little, and while he was sleeping, he was told Gn 31:24 by Saint Francis to have the arrow pulled out through the back of his head. The next day he did as he was told in the dream, Gn 31:10 and without great difficulty he obtained relief.

144 A man from the village of Spello, named Imperatore, suffered for two years with such a severe rupture that all his intestines protruded through the side of his body. He could not keep them in place for any length of time so he had to wear a truss to hold them in. He went to doctors to seek relief, but they kept asking for more than he could afford to pay; in fact, he did not have enough left to live on or to eat for more than a day, so he gave up all hope of getting any help from them. Then he turned to seek divine help, and while on the road or at home or wherever he was, he humbly called upon blessed Francis. After a short time, it turned out that through the grace of God and the merits of blessed Francis he was restored to full health.

145 A brother in the March of Ancona, who had vowed obedience in the ranks of our Order, suffered so greatly from a painful ulcer in his




Vita Prima, Fontes Franciscani, p. 416-418

10Vocavit medicos, multiplicavit balnea, medicinas adhibuit multas, nec tamen ullo potuit horum remedio sublevari.11Die vero quadam, quodam sacerdote praesente, votum emisit ut sanctus Franciscus pristinam ei redderet sanitatem.12Sicque precibus ad ipsum sanctum fusis, mox se conspexit pristinae redditum sanitati.

142 1Mulier quaedam, in Eugubii civitate paralytica iacens, tertio invocato nomine beati Francisci, ab infirmitate sua demissa est et sanata.

2Quidam nomine Bontadosus, cum in pedibus et digitis sustineret gravissimam passionem, ita quod nec movere se poterat, nec ad partem aliquam declinare, cibo iam perdito atque somno, mulier quaedam die quadam venit ad eum monens et suggerens ut, si ab hac infirmitate vellet citissime liberari, beato Francisco se devotissime devoveret. 3Respondebat autem vir ille, nimio dolore correptus: « Non credo ipsum esse sanctum ».4Muliere vero pertinacius illi de voto suggerente, vir ille tandem vovit se in hunc modum: « Voveo me », inquit, « sancto Francisco et ipsum credo sanctum, si me infra trium dierum terminum ab hac aegritudine liberabit ».5Qui meritis sancti Dei mox liberatus ambulavit, manducavit et requievit, dans gloriam omnipotenti Deo.

143 1Vir unus cum esset in capite sagitta ferrea graviter vulneratus, et sagitta illa intrans per cassam oculi remansisset in capite, nullo poterat medicorum auxilio adiuvari.2Vovit se deinde devotione supplici sancto Dei Francisco, sperans se posse ipsius suffragio liberari.3Qui dum aliquantulum quiesceret et dormiret, dictum est ei a sancto Francisco in somnis, quod per posteriorem partem capitis faceret eam trahi.4Sicque prout in somnis viderat, die sequenti faciens sine difficultate magna exstitit liberatus.

144 1Homo quidam in castro Spelli, nomine Imperator, per duos annos rupturam adeo graviter passus est, quod per inferiores partes intestina omnia exterius defluebant .2Non enim per magnum temporis spatium ea intus reducere poterat, nec locare, ita quod eum habere unum plumatium oportebat, quo intestina interius retineret.3Recurrit ad medicos, ipsorum solatium petens, qui dum ab eo pretium insufficiens postularent, cum unius diei careret expensis et victu, de illorum auxilio penitus desperavit. 4Convertit se tandem ad divinum auxilium, et merita beati Francisci coepit in via, in domo et ubicumque foret, suppliciter invocare.5Sicque factum est, ut in brevi temporis spatio, per Dei gratiam et beati Francisci merita, sanitati sit integrae restitutus.

145 1Frater quidam in Marchia de Ancona sub obedientia nostrae religionis militans, in iliis vel in costis gravissimum morbum fistulae tolerabat, ita quod ab omni curatione medicorum, ob immensitatem morbi, iam fuerat desperatus.

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 1, p. 304