The Life of Saint Francis by Thomas of Celano - 300 

Offering him a pear, he encouraged him to get up. The boy took the pear from the young man’s hand, and answered: “See, I am crippled and cannot get up at all!” He ate the pear given to him, and then started to put out his hand for another pear that the young man offered him. The young man again encouraged him to stand up, but the boy, feeling weighed down with his illness, did not get up. But while the boy reached out his hand, the young man holding out the pear took hold of his hand and led him outside. Then he vanished from sight. When the boy saw that he was cured, he began to cry out at the top of his voice, telling everyone what had happened to him.

134 There was a woman from the village of Coccorano who was brought to the tomb of the glorious father on a stretcher; for, except for her tongue, all her limbs were totally paralyzed. After she stayed a while Mt 25:5 before the tomb of the most holy man, she stood up, entirely cured.

After another citizen from Gubbio brought his crippled son on a
stretcher to the tomb of the holy father, he received him back whole and sound, though before he had been so crippled and deformed that his legs were completely withered and drawn up under him.

135 Bartolomeo from the city of Narni was poverty-stricken and indigent. One day after he had been sleeping in the shade of a nut-tree he awoke to find himself so crippled he could not walk at all. As the disease spread, his leg and foot wasted away; they grew crooked and withered and he could not feel the cutting of a knife, nor was he afraid of burns from a fire. One night the saintly Francis, the true lover of the poor and the father of all the needy, appeared to him in a dream. Dn 2:19 He ordered him to go to a certain bathing pool, because, moved by pity at the man’s misery, he wanted to free him there from his illness. When he awoke, he did not know what to do, so he told the whole story of the vision to the bishop of the city. The bishop urged him to hurry to the pool as he was ordered and, making the sign of the cross, blessed him. Leaning on a stick, he set out to drag himself to the place as best he could. As he moved along sadly, worn out by great effort, he heard a voice saying to him: Acts 9:4 Go on in the peace of the Lord. I am the one to whom you vowed yourself.” When the man drew near to the pool, it was night and he took the wrong road. He heard a voice again telling him Acts 9:4 that he was not on the right road, and it directed him to the pool. When he reached the place and entered the pool, he felt a hand placed upon his foot and another that gently pulled his leg. He was immediately freed, and he




Vita Prima, Fontes Franciscani, p. 410-411

et praebens ei pirum unum, ut surgeret confortavit. 4Qui pirum de manibus ipsius suscipiens respondebat: « Ecce contractus sum, et nullo modo surgere possum ».5Pirum vero exhibitum manducavit, et ad aliud pirum, quod ei ab eodem iuvene offerebatur, coepit extendere manum.6Qui dum iterum eum ut surgeret hortaretur,infirmitate gravatum se sentiens non surgebat.7Sed dum ad pirum manum extenderet, dictus iuvenis, exhibito illi piro, manum eius apprehendit, et foras educens eum disparuit ab oculis eius.8Qui sanum et incolumem factum se videns, coepit alta voce clamare, quod factum in eo fuerat, omnibus manifestans.

134 1Mulier quaedam de castro quod dicitur Cucoranum ad sepulcrum gloriosi patris in cistis delata est; in nullo enim membrorum, praeterquam in sola lingua, operationis cuiusquam remanserat usus.2Moram igitur faciente aliquantulum ante tumbam sanctissimi viri, surrexit peroptime liberata.

3Quidam alius civis Eugubinus cum filium suum in cista contractum ad sancti patris tumulum detulisset, sanum et incolumem recepit eum.4Fuerat enim tanta enormitate contractus, ut tibiae natibus adhaerentes forent penitus arefactae.

135 1Bartholomaeus de Narnii civitate, homo pauperrimus et egenus, cum sub umbra cuiusdam nucis quodam tempore obdormisset, evigilans ita contractum se reperit, quod nusquam poterat ambulare. 2Crescente quoque sensim infirmitate, tibia cum pede subtilis, curva et arida facta est, incisionem ferri non sentiens, nec ignis adustionem aliquatenus pertimescens.3Sed verus amator pauperum et omnium egenorum pater, Franciscus sanctissimus nocte quadam sese illi per visionem e somnii manifestat, praecipiens ei ut ad balneum quoddam accedat, in quo tantae miseriae pietate permotus, vult eum ab hac aegritudine liberare.4Sed expergefactus, nesciens quid faceret, episcopo civitatis narravit per ordinem visionem.5Episcopus vero adhortans ut ad imperatum balneum properaret, signavit ac benedixit eum .6Coepit quoque baculo sustentatus ad locum utcumque, prout melius poterat, pertrahere semetipsum.7Cumque moestus pergeret, nimio labore confectus, audivit vocem dicentem sibi g: « Vade cum pace Domini; ego sum ille cui te vovisti ».8Appropinquans deinde ad balneum, quia nox erat, erravit a via et audivit vocem iterum dicentem sibi, quod non recto itinere ambularet.9Quae et versus balneum eum direxit.10Cumque venisset ad locum et balneum fuisset ingressus, manum unam super pedem sensit imponi sibi et aliam super tibiam, ipsam quietius extendentem.11Continuo proinde liberatus, de balneo exsilivit

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 1, p. 300