The Life of Saint Francis by Thomas of Celano - 298 

The Miracles of Saint Francis


127 Humbly calling upon the grace of Jesus Christ our Lord, we shall briefly but accurately describe the miracles that were read in the presence of the Lord Pope and announced to the people, both in order to arouse fitting devotion Dn 9:25 among those living and to strengthen the faith of those to come.

Chapter I

The very same day on which the sacred and holy body of the blessed father was laid away as a most precious treasure, anointed with heavenly ointments rather than with those found on earth, a young girl was brought there who, for over a year, had suffered a deformity in her neck so hideous that her head rested on her shoulder and she could only look up sideways. She put her head for a little while beneath the coffin in which the precious body of the saint rested, and through the merits of that most holy man she was immediately able to straighten her neck, and her head was restored to its proper position. At this the girl was so overwhelmed at the sudden change in herself that she started to run away and to cry. There was a depression in her shoulder where her head had been when it was twisted out of position by her prolonged affliction.

128 In the district of Narni there was a boy whose leg was bent back so severely that he could not walk at all without the aid of two canes. He made his living by begging; he had been burdened with that affliction for many years, and he had no idea who his father and mother were. This boy was completely freed from his affliction by the merits of our blessed father Francis so that he could walk about freely without any support from the canes and did so praising and blessing God and His saint.




Vita Prima, Fontes Franciscani, p. 406-408


Christi nomine incipiunt miracula sanctissimi Patris nostri Francisci.

127 1Iesu Christi Domini nostri suppliciter gratiam a invocantes, ad exeitandam, praesentium amplectendam devotionem, et futurorum corroborandam fidem, miracula quae coram domino papa Gregorio, ut dictum est, perlecta sunt et populo nuntiata, Christo duce , breviter sed veraciter conscribemus.

 De contractis sanatis.

2Eo namque die quo sacrum et sanctum corpus beatissimi patris Francisci reconditum fuit velut pretiosissimus thesaurus, magis supercaelestibus aromatibus, quam terrenis speciebus inunctum, apportata est puella quaedam, iam per annum habens collum monstruose plicatum et caput humero adnexum, nec poterat nisi ex obliquo sursum respicere.3Quae dum sub arca, in qua pretiosum sancti reconditum iacebat corpus, caput aliquamdiu submisisset, statim, meritis sanctissimi viri collum erexit et in condecenti statu caput exstitit reparatum, ita quod puella ex subita sui mutatione obstupefacta nimis, coepit fugere ac plorare.4Fovea quaedam namque apparebat in humero cui caput fuerat applicatum, propter situm quem fecerat infirmitas diuturna.

128 1In comitatu Narniensi puer quidam erat qui tanta contractione tibiam retortam gerebat, quod, nisi duorum baculorum suffragio, nullo modo poterat ambulare. Erat enim mendicans, et tanta infirmitate per plures annos gravatus, patrem proprium et matrem minime cognoscebat.3Qui meritis beatissimi patris nostri Francisci a dicto periculo sic exstitit liberatus, ut absque baculorum sustentaculo liber incederet usquequaque, laudans et benedicens Deum et sanctum eius.

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 1, p. 298