The Life of Saint Francis by Thomas of Celano - 296 

announcement, the reverend cardinals join the pope in singing the Te Deum laudamus in a loud voice.

And there rises the cry of many peoples praising God;
the earth echoes the booming sound,
the air is filled with jubilation,
and the ground is soaked with tears.
They sing new songs Ps 33:3 [Vulgate, Ps 32:3] 
and the servants of God rejoice Jb 38:7 
in the melody of the Spirit.a
Sweet sounding instruments are playing
as hymns are sung with musical voices.
very sweet fragrance is flowing there Ex 29:18
and an even more pleasant melody is echoing there,
moving everyone deeply.
The day is breaking, colored with radiant sunbeams.
There are green branches of olive
and fresh boughs of other trees. Mt 21:8
There all are dressed in festive clothing, shining brightly,
while the blessing of peace gladdens the spirits of all.

The blessed Pope Gregory then comes down from the high throne, Is 6:1 and by the lower steps enters the sanctuary to offer prayers and sacrifices, Ps 73:17 [Vulgate, Ps 72:17] and with his blessed lips kisses the tomb holding the sacred body dedicated to God.b He offers many prayers Nm 29:39 and celebrates the sacred mysteries. Around him stands a ring of brothers, praising, adoring and blessing almighty God, who has done wondrous things through all the earth. Sir 50:13 Sir 50:22

All the people
echoed the praise of God, 
offering gifts of thanks to Francis
in honor of the Most High Trinity.




Vita Prima, Fontes Franciscani, p. 405-406

2Ad hanc quoque vocem coeperunt reverendi cardinales cum domino papa « Te Deum laudamus » alta voce cantare.

3Attollitur proinde clamor populorum multorum, laudantium Deum,
et immensas resonat terra voces,
repletur iubilationibus aer,
et tellus lacrimis madidatur.
4Cantantur cantica nova,
et in melodia spiritus
iubilant servi Dei.
5Audiuntur ibi organa melliflua,
et carmina spiritualia modulatis vocibus decantantur.
6Ibi suavissimus odor respirat,
et iucundior melodia omnium
movens affectus resultat ibidem;
emicat illa dies et splendidioribus radiis coloratur.
7Ibi olivarum virentes rami
et reliquarum arborum comae recentes;
ibi festivus ornatus, lucidius incandescens cunctos exornat,
et pacis benedictio convenientium laetificat mentes.

Descendit denique de solio excelso felix papa Gregorius, et per inferiores gradus ad offerenda vota et sacrificia sanctuarium intrat, tumbamque continentem sacrum et Deo dicatum corpus felicibus labiis osculatur.9Offert et multiplicat preces, celebratque mysteria sacra.10Stat circa illum corona fratrum laudans, adorans et benedicens omnipotentem Deum, qui fecit magna, in omni terra.

11Amplificat universus populus
laudes Dei,
et in honore Trinitatis excelsae
santo Francisco persolvunt sacrarum munera gratiarum.

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 1, p. 296