The Life of Saint Francis by Thomas of Celano - 295 

a new song,
a song full of sweetness,
a song of praise, Ps 26:7 [Vulgate, Ps 25:7] 
a song of everlasting blessing.

Pope Gregory first preaches to all the people Heb 9:19 with deeply felt words sweeter than honey, proclaiming the praises of God in a resonant voice. He praises the holy father Francis in noble words. Recalling his way of life and speaking of his purity, he is drenched in tears. His sermon begins with the text: “Like the morning star in the midst of clouds, like the full moon, like the shining sun, so in his days did he shine in the temple of God.” a

At the end of this speech, so true and worthy of complete acceptance, 1 Tm 1:15 one of the subdeacons of the lord Pope, Ottaviano by name, reads in a loud voice the miracles of the Saint to the whole assembly.b Lord Ranieri, a Cardinal-deacon, a man of keen intelligence, of outstanding devotion and conduct, speaks about them with sacred eloquence, his eyes welling with tears.c The shepherd of the Church is overcome with joy, with deep sighs rising from the bottom of his heart and, often sobbing, breaks out in tears. The other prelates of the Church were also pouring out a flood of tears that dripped onto their sacred vestments. Then all the people are weeping, 1 Sm 11:5 tired out with eager expectation.

126 At that moment the blessed Pope cries out in a ringing voice, and raising his hands to heaven 2 Mc 3:20 proclaims: “To the praise and glory of God almighty, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, the glorious Virgin Mary, the blessed Apostles Peter and Paul, to the honor of the glorious Roman Church! On the advice of our brothers and other prelates, we decree that the most blessed father Francis, whom the Lord has glorified in heaven and we venerate on earth, shall be enrolled in the catalogue of saints, and his feast is to be celebrated on the day of his death.” At this




Vita Prima, Fontes Franciscani, p. 404-405

vocem novam,
vocem omni dulcedine plenam,
vocem laudis,
vocem perpetuae benedictionis.

6Praedicat primitus populo universo papa Gregorius, et affectu mellifluo, voce sonora, nuntiat praeconia Dei .7Sanctum quoque patrem Franciscum nobilissimo sermone collaudat, et conversationis eius recolens et annuntians puritatem, totus lacrimis madidatur.8Sermo eius tale sumit exordium: « Quasi stella matutina in medio nebulae, et quasi luna plena in diebus suis, et quasi sol refulgens, sic iste effulsit in templo Dei ».9

Completur itaque sermo fidelis et omni acceptione dignus, et unus ex subdiaconibus domini papae, nomine Octavianus, miracula sancti coram omnibus voce altissima legit.10Dominus Raynerius, diaconus cardinalis, perspicaci pollens ingenio, pietate ac moribus clarus, ea sacris loquelis lacrimis perfusus edisserit. 11Tripudiat pastor Ecclesiae, ac de intimis visceribus longa suspiria trahens et salutares singultus ingeminans, lacrimarum rivulos educit.12Caeteri quoque praelati Ecclesiae lacrimarum profiuvia spargunt et sacri ornatus eorum exuberantia irrorantur. 13Plorat denique populus cunctus, et desiderabili exspectatione suspensus vehementius fatigatur.

126 1Clamat proinde voce altisona papa beatus, et protensis ad caelum y manibus , inquit: « Ad laudem et gloriam omnipotentis Dei Patris et Filii et Spiritus sancti, et gloriosae Virginis Mariae, et beatorum Apostolorum Petri et Pauli, et ad honorem gloriosae Ecclesiae Romanae, beatissimum patrem Franciscum, quem Dominus glorificavit in caelis, venerantes in terris, de corisilio fratrum nostrorum et aliorum praelatorum, in catalogo sanctorum decernimus adnotandum, et festum eius die obitus sui celebrari ». 2Ad hanc quoque vocem coeperunt reverendi cardinales cum domino papa « Te Deum laudamus » alta voce cantare.

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 1, p. 295