The Life of Saint Francis by Thomas of Celano - 294 

The solemn day arrives, “A day held in reverence by every age,”a showering the earth and even the heavenly mansions with ecstatic rejoicing. Bishops gather, abbots arrive, prelates from the most remote areas appear; a king’s presence is noticed, with a noble crowd of counts and dukes.b All accompany the lord of the whole earth, and with him enter the city of Assisi in a happy procession. They come to the place prepared for this solemn meeting and the glorious crowd of cardinals, bishops, and abbots gathers around the blessed pope.c A distinguished assembly of priests and clerics is there, a happy and sacred gathering of religious men, and the modest presence of veiled consecrated women, a great crowd from every people: an almost numberless multitude of both sexes. 2 Chr 4:18 Jgs 16:27 They are running from all over, and in this crowd every age is represented enthusiastically. The small and the great are there; the servants and those freed from their masters. Jb 3:19

125 The supreme pontiff,
bridegroom of the Church of Christ is standing, Ps 45:10 [Vulgate, Ps 44:10]
surrounded with such variety of children,
a crown of glory on his head
marked with the sign of holiness.
He stands adorned with the pontifical regalia
and clothed in holy vestments Sir 45:14
with settings of gold, the work of a jeweler. Ex 40:13
He stands there, the Lord’s anointed, Sir 45:13 
gilded in magnificence and glory

and covered with precious stones Sir 45:13 cut and sparkling,
catching the eyes of all.
Cardinals and bishops surround him,
clothed with jewels Is 61:10 glittering
on garments gleaming white as snow,
offering an image of the beauty of heaven,
displaying the joy of the glorified.
All the people 1 Sm 12:19 are waiting for the cry of joy,
the song of gladness, Jer 25:10




Vita Prima, Fontes Franciscani, p. 403-404

4Adest quoque dies solemnis, 'toto venerabilis aevo', non solum terras sed et caelicas officinas sublimiore tripudio spargens.5Convocantur episcopi, abbates adveniunt, de remotissimis partibus praelati Ecelesiae adsunt; regalis se offert praesentia, comitum et procerum advenit nobilis multitudo.6Comitantur deinde universi dominum omnis orbis, et cum ipso Assisii civitatem felici pompa ingrediuntur.7Venitur ad locum tam solemni occursui praeparatum, et beato papae gloriosorum cardinalium, episcoporum et abbatum conglomeratur frequentia tota.8Ibi sacerdotum et clericorum concursus eximius, ibi religiosorum felix et sacer conventus, ibi sacri velaminis verecundior habitus, ibi omnium populorum maxima turba, et utriusque sexus pene innumerabilis multitudo.9Accurritur undique, ac desiderantissime omnis aetas tanto se conventui repraesentat.10Parvus et magnus ibi sunt, servus et liber a domino suo.

125 1Adstat pontifex summus,
Christi Ecclesiae sponsus,
tantorum filiorum varietate circumdatus,
et corona gloriae in capite suo
signo sanctitatis expressa.
2Adstat pontificalibus infulis decoratus,
et vestibus sanctitatis indutus,
in ligatura auri et opere lapidarii sculptilis.
3Adstat christus Domini
in magnificentia gloriae deauratus,
et vernantibus figuratisque gemmis coopertus,
omnes sollicitat ad videndum.
4Circumdant eum cardinales et episcopi,
splendidioribus ornati monilibus
et niveis fulgoribus candidati,
supercaelestium pulchritudinum imaginem praeferunt,
et glorificatorum gaudium repraesentant.
5Exspectat universus populus vocem gaudii,
vocem laetitiae,

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 1, p. 294