The Life of Saint Francis by Thomas of Celano - 291 

obtain the relief for which they have longed.
His dead body heals living bodies,
just as when living it raised dead souls.

The Roman Pontiff heard of these things and understood:
he, chief pontiff of all,
leader of Christians,
lord of the world,
shepherd of the Church,
the anointed of the Lord, 1 Sm 24:11
and the Vicar of Christ.
He rejoiced and exulted, dancing with joy,
for in his own day he was seeing
the Church of God being renewed
with new mysteries that were ancient wonders.
This was happening because of his own son,
the one he had
carried in his sacred womb,
held in his lap,
nursed with the word,
nurtured on the food of salvation.
The other keepers of the Church also heard this,
those who are
the shepherds of the flock,
defenders of the faith,
friends of the bridegroom, Jn 3:29
his supporters,
the poles of the earth,
the venerable Cardinals.
They rejoiced with the Church and shared the Pope’s delight,
giving glory to the Savior who chose
with supreme, unfathomable wisdom,
supreme, incomprehensible grace,
and supreme, boundless goodness,
the foolish and lowly of the world
in order to draw the strong to Himself. Jn 12:32
The entire world heard of this and applauded,
and every realm subject to the Catholic faith,




Vita Prima, Fontes Franciscani, p. 401

desideratam obtinent sanitatem,
ut mortuum corpus viva corpora sanet,
sicut vivens mortuas animas suscitabat.

3Audit et intelligit haec Romanus Pontifex,
pontificum omnium summus,
christianorum dux,
dominus orbis,
pastor Ecclesiae,
christus Domini,
vicarius Christi.
4Gaudet et exsultat,
tripudiat et laetatur, cum temporibus.
suis novis mysteriis sed antiquis mirabilibus
Ecclesiam Dei videat innovari,
et hoc in filio suo,
sacro portavit in utero,
fovit in gremio,
lactavit verbo
et educavit cibo salutis.
5Audiunt et caeteri custodes Ecclesiae,
pastores gregis,
fidei defensores,
amici sponsi,
collaterales eius,
mundi cardines,
venerabiles cardinales.
6Congratulantur Ecclesiae, congaudent papae,
glorificant Salvatorem, qui
summa et ineffabili sapientia,
summa et incomprehensibili gratia,
summa et inaestimabili bonitate,
stulta et ignobilia mundi elegit,
ut sic ad se fortia trahat.
7Audit et applaudit totalitas orbis,
et universa monarchia, catholicae fidei parens,

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 1, p. 291