The Life of Saint Francis by Thomas of Celano - 289 

With new light rising,
the world is growing bright in these shining raysa
and feels all the darkness leave.
Now, all its complaints have stopped;
Blessed be God!

Everyday, everywhere people rejoice anew
as the world is filled to overflowing with holy gifts from him.
From East and West they come, 
from North and South: 
those helped by his patronage come
to attest to these things in witness to the truth.
While he lived in the flesh,
this great lover of the things of heaven
held nothing of the world as his own,
so that he could possess the greatest good of all
more fully and more joyfully.
For this reason he has become in all things
what he did not want to be in few things,
and has exchanged time for eternity.
He helps everyone, everywhere.
He is near to everyone, everywhere.
Yet this lover of true unity
is not divided by being shared.b
120 While he still lived among sinners, Wis 4:10
he traveled the whole world preaching;
but now reigning with the angels on high,
he flies quicker than a thought as the herald of the Great King,
bringing wonderful gifts to all peoples.
For this reason,
all peoples honor, venerate, glorify and praise him.
They all share now a common good.
Who can estimate the quantity




Vita Prima, Fontes Franciscani, p. 399-400

in novae lucis exortu,
fulgentioribus radiis illustratus,
sentit se universam caliginem amisisse.
8Cessavit iam,
benedictus Deus!

omnis querimonia eius, cum quotidie ubique novis exsultationibus
in sanctarum virtutum fascibus ex ipso copiosissime cumuletur.
9Veniunt ab oriente et occidente,
veniunt a meridie et septentrione,
qui eius patrocinio sublevati,
haec ita fore comprobent testimonio veritatis.
10Ideo utique dum vixit in carne,
supernorum amator praecipuus
nihil in mundo proprietatis suscepit,
ut universitatis bonum
plenius et iucundius possideret.
11Factus est proinde in toto
qui noluit esse in parte,
et aeternitatem pro tempore commutavit.
12Ubique omnibus subvenit,
ubique omnibus adest,
et vere unitatis amator
participii detrimenta non novit.
120 1Vivens adhuc inter peccatores
universum peragrat et praedicat orbem:
regnans iam cum angelis in excelsis
facilius cogitatu volat tamquam nuntius summi Regis
et populis omnibus praestat beneficia gloriosa.
2Tota proinde
universitas populorum honorat eum, veneratur eum, glorificat et collaudat.
3Revera communi bono participantur omnes.
4Quis enumerare sufficiat quanta,

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 1, p. 289