The Life of Saint Francis by Thomas of Celano - 288 

The Third Book


119 Francis, the most glorious father,
in the twentieth year of his conversion,
 as he most blessedly commended his spirit to heaven,
brought a blessed beginning to an even more blessed end.
There, crowned with honor and glory
Lk 23:45 and granted a place among the stones of fire, Ps 8:6
he stands by the throne of God,
devoted to dealing effectively with the concerns
of those he left on earth.
What could be denied him?
Stamped with the holy stigmata,
he reflects the image of the One,
co-equal with the Father,
Who is seated at the right hand of the majesty on high, Ez 28:14
the brightness of his glory and the image of the divine substance,
Who cleanses us from all sin. Heb 1:3
Why would he not be heard?
Conformed to the death of Christ Jesus
by sharing in His sufferings,
Phil 3:10
he displays His sacred wounds in his hands, feet, and side.
He gladdens the whole world with the gift of new joy,
and offers to all the benefits of true salvation.
He floods the world with the brilliant light of miracles,
a true star glowing brightly over the whole earth.
The world once mourned when robbed of his presence
and saw itself overwhelmed by the dark abyss at his setting, Ps 50:1 [Vulgate, Ps 49:1]
but now it seems like the light of midday. Is 16:3




Vita Prima, Fontes Franciscani, p. 398-399


Incipit tertium opusculum de canonizatione beati patris nostri Francisci et de miraculis eius.

119 1Gloriosissimus igitur pater Franciscus,
vicesimo conversionis suae anno,
feliciorem finem felici connectens principio,
felicissime caelo spiritum commendavit,
ubi gloria et honore coronatus,
et locum sortitus in medio lapidum ignitorum,
throno Divinitatis assistens,
eorum quos reliquit in terris
studet efficaciter negotia pertractare.
2Revera quid illi poterit denegari,
in cuius sacrorum stigmatum pressura
forma resultat illius,
qui coaequalis Patris exsistens,
sedet ad dexteram maiestatis in excelsis,
splendor gloriae et figura substantiae Dei,
purgationem faciens peccatorum?
3Quidni exaudiatur,
qui configuratus morti Christi Iesu
in societate passionum eius,
manuum, pedum atque lateris sacra vulnera repraesentat?
4Laetificat certe iam mundum omnem
novo gaudio sospitatum,
et verae salutis offert commoda universis.
5Miraculorum luce clarissima mundum irradiat,
et veri sideris fulgore totum illustrat orbem.
6Lugebat olim mundus eius se fraudatum praesentia,
et quadam tenebrarum voragine ad eius occasum se viderat occupatum.
7Sed iam velut in meridie,

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 1, p. 288