The Life of Saint Francis by Thomas of Celano - 284 

as we read about another saint:
“Seeing, he did not see; hearing, he did not hear.”a
Often as he walked along a road,
thinking and singing of Jesus,
he would forget his destination
and start inviting all the elements to praise Jesus.
With amazing love he bore
in his heart and always held onto Lk 2:19
Christ Jesus and Him crucified. 1 Cor 2:2
For this reason,
he, above others, was stamped with Christ’s brilliant seal
as, in rapture of spirit, 2 Cor 5:13
he contemplated in unspeakable and incomprehensible glory
the One sitting “at the right hand of the Father,”
the Most High Son of the Most High, Lk 1:32
Who, with the Father, “in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
lives and reigns,” conquers and commands,
God eternally glorified throughout all the ages.

Chapter X

116 His brothers and sons had assembled with the whole multitude of people Ez 27:33 from the neighboring cities, rejoicing to take part in such solemn rites. They spent that entire night of the holy father’s death in the praises of God. The sweet sound of jubilation and the brightness of the lights made it seem that angels were keeping vigil.

When day was breaking, the multitude of the city of Assisi gathered with all the clergy. They lifted his sacred body from the place where he had died and carried it with great honor to the city, singing hymns and praises with trumpets blaring. They all took branches Jos 6:20 of olive and other trees and solemnly followed the funeral procession, bringing even more candles as they sang songs of praise in loud voices.




Vita Prima, Fontes Franciscani, p. 394-395

et ut de sancto legitur:
« Videns non videbat, audiens non audiebat ».
7Immo et multoties cum per viam iret,
meditans et cantans Iesum,
obliviscebatur itineris
et omnia elementa invitabat ad laudem Iesu.
8Et quia miro amore
semper in corde suo gerebat et conservabat,
Christum Iesum et hunc crucifixum,
signaculo suo gloriosissime supra caeteros est signatus,
9quem etiam mente excedens,
contemplabatur in gloria indicibili et incomprehensibili
sedentem 'ad dexteram Patris',
10cum quo ipse coaltissimus Altissimi Filius,
'in unitate Spiritus Sancti
vivit et regna', vincit et imperat,
Deus aeternaliter gloriosus 'per omnia saecula saeculorum.

Caput X
De planctu Dominarum apud Sanctum Damianum et quomodo cum laude et gloria sepultus est.

116 1Fratres igitur et filii qui convenerant cum omni multitudine populorum a, quae ex, vicinis civitatibus tantis se gaudebant interesse solemniis, totam noctem illam, in qua obiit sanctus pater, divinis laudibus consummarunt, ita ut prae iubilationum dulcedine ac luminum claritate, fore angelorum excubiae viderentur

.2Mane autem facto convenit multitudo civitatis Assisii cum universo clero, et tollentes sacrum corpus de loco in quo obierat, cum hymnis et laudibus, clangentibus tubis, ipsum ad civitatem honorifice portaverunt. 3Acceperunt singuli ramos olivarum aliarumque arborum , sacras exsequias solemniter exsequentes, et multiplicatis luminaribus, laudum munia vocibus altisonis exsolvebant.

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 1, p. 284