The Life of Saint Francis by Thomas of Celano - 216 

Thus, in a short time,
the appearance of the entire region was changed
and, once rid of its earlier ugliness,
it revealed a happier expression everywhere.
The former dryness was put to rout
and a crop sprang up quickly in the untilled field.
Even the uncultivated vine Zec 8:12 began
to produce buds with a sweet-smell Lv 1:9 for the Lord,
and when it had produced flowers of sweetness, Sir 24:23
it brought forth equally the fruit of honor and respectability.
Is 51:3 Thanks and the voice of praise resounded everywhere,
as many,
casting aside earthly concerns,
gained knowledge of themselves
in the life and teaching of the most blessed father Francis
and aspired to love and reverence for their Creator.

Many people,
well-born and lowly, cleric and lay,
driven by divine inspiration,
began to come to Saint Francis,
for they desired to serve
under his constant training and leadership.a
All of these
the holy one of God,
like a fertile stream of heavenly grace,
watered with showers of gifts
and he adorned the field of their hearts
with the flowers of perfection.

He is without question an outstanding craftsman Ex 38:23,
for through his spreading message,
the Church of Christ is being renewed in both sexes
according to his form, rule and teaching,
and there is victory for the triple army of those being saved.b




Vita Prima, Fontes Franciscani, p. 311-312

sicque factum est ut in brevi
totius provinciae facies sit immutata
et laetiore vultu appareret ubique,
deposita pristina foeditate.
2Fugata est prior ariditas
et seges in squalenti campo cito surrexit;
coepit etiam inculta vinea
germinare germen odoris Domini,
et productis ex se floribus suavitatis,
fructus honoris et honestatis pariter parturivit.
3Resonabat ubique gratiarum actio et vox laudis,
ita ut multi,
saecularibus curis abiectis,
in vita et doctrina beatissimi patris Francisci,
suimet reciperent notitiam
et ad Creatoris amorem et reverentiam aspirarent.

4Coeperunt multi de populo,
nobiles et ignobiles,
clerici et laici,
divina inspiratione compuncti,
ad sanctum Franciscum accedere,
cupientes sub eius disciplina
et magisterio perpetuo militare.
5Quos omnes
sanctus Dei,
velut caelestis gratiae rivus uberrimus,
charismatum imbribus rigans,
agrum cordis ipsorum
virtutum floribus exornabat:

6egregius nempe artifex
ad cuius formam, regulam et doctrinam,
efferendo praeconio,
in utroque sexu Christi renovatur Ecclesia
et trina triumphat militia salvandorum.
7Omnibus quoque tribuebat normam vitae

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 1, p. 216