The Life of Saint Francis by Thomas of Celano - 207 

to those who reflect in the spirit of truth.
See how the spirit of prophecy rested Is 11:2 on Saint Francis!

Chapter XII

29 At that same time, another good man entered their religion, and they increased their number to eight.a Then the blessed Francis called them all to himself and told them many things about the kingdom of God, Acts 1:3 contempt of the world, denial of their own will, and subjection of the body. He separated them into four groups of two each.

"Go, my dear brothers," he said to them, "two by two Lk 10:1 through different parts of the world, announcing peace to the people and penance for the remission of sins. Acts 10:36 Be patient in trials, confident that the Lord will fulfill His plan and promise. Respond humbly to those who question you. Bless those who persecute you. Rom 12:14 Give thanks to those who harm you and bring false charges against you, for because of these things an eternal kingdom is prepared Mt 25:34 for us."

Accepting the command of holy obedience with much joy and gladness, 1 Mc 5:54 they humbly prostrated themselves on the ground before Saint Francis. Embracing them, he spoke sweetly and devotedly to each one: "Cast your care upon the Lord, and he will sustain you." Ps 55:23 [Vulgate, Ps 54:23] He used to say this phrase whenever he transferred brothers by obedience.

30 Then brother Bernard with brother Giles hastened on the way to Santiago;b Saint Francis with one companion chose another part of the world.c The other four, two by two, went to other regions.

Only a short time had passed when Saint Francis began desiring to see them all. He prayed to the Lord, Ex 8:30 who gathers the dispersed of Israel Ps 147:2 [Vulgate, Ps 146:2], mercifully to bring them together soon. So it happened in a short time: they came together at the same time according to his desire, without any human summons, giving thanks to God. Col 3:17




Vita Prima, Fontes Franciscani, p. 302-304

satis manifestum est considerantibus in spiritu veritatis.
7Ecce quomodo spiritus prophetiae requievit in sancto Francisco.

Caput XII — Quomodo misit eos binos per mundum, et in brevi tempore iterum congregati sunt.

291Eodem quoque tempore, quodam alio bono viro religionem intrante, ad octonarium numerum processerunt . 2Tunc beatus Franciscus omnes ad se convocavit, et plura eis de regno Dei, de contemptu mundi, de abnegatione propriae voluntatis et proprii corporis subiectione pronuntians, binos illos in partes quatuor segregavit,

3et ait ad eos: « Ite, charissimi, bini et bini per diversas partes orbis, annuntiantes hominibus pacem et poenitentiam in remissionem peccatorum ; et estote patientes in tribulatione, securi quia propositum et promissum suum Dominus adimplebit. 4Interrogantibus humiliter respondete, persequentibus benedicite, vobis iniuriantibus et calumniam inferentibus gratias agite, quia pro his regnum nobis praeparatur aeternum ».

5At illi cum gaudio et laetitia multa, suscipientes obedientiae sanctae mandatum, coram sancto Francisco supplices se prosternebant in terram. 6Ipse vero amplexans eos, dulciter et devote dicebat singulis: « Iacta cogitatum tuum in Domino, et ipse te enutriet i ». 7Hoc verbum dicebat quoties ad obedientiam fratres aliquos transmittebat.

301Tunc frater Bernardus cum fratre Aegidio versus Sanctum Iacobum iter arripuit, sanctus Franciscus vero cum uno socio aliam. mundi elegit partem, reliqui quatuor incedentes bini partes reliquas tenuerunt.

2Sed modico tempore iam elapso, sanctus Franciscus eos omnes videre desiderans, orabat Dominum, qui congregat dispersos Israel , ut eos congregare in brevi misericorditer dignaretur. 3Sicque factum est ut in modico, secundum desiderium suum, absque humana vocatione, gratias agentes Deo pariter convenirent.

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 1, p. 207